A Quick Guide to CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ Exams (CLO-002)

CompTIA Cloud Essentials

In today’s rapidly progressing world over 90% of the companies have moved their work to cloud. This shift in the preference demands technically oriented staff who can make these cloud systems work better. The CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ can help IT professionals learn necessary cloud skills and instill competence that employers are looking for. Before you settle on any other certification let me remind you CompTIA certifications are vendor-neutral.

That is obviously not all the reason to consider getting this certification. There are many and the purpose of this article is to discuss these reason in detail. Many IT Professionals and experts are in pursuit of CompTIA CLO-002 exam for these exact reasons. The Essentials+ course is a validation of their skills as competent cloud computing role from a business perspective.



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While we are on the subject, let me advice you to have a full insight on your exam before getting starting with preparation. This article will help you get that insight as well as enclose some tips for passing the exam successfully.

Why Essentials+?

Although an Essential exam already existed CompTIA launched Cloud Essentials+ (CL0-002) exam on 12th November of 2019. Why? Because there were obviously improvements needed. Which eventually means the + version is better.

The updated exam allows candidates to make data-driven cloud decisions using skills like evaluating business use cases, financial impacts, cloud technologies, and deployment models. Earning Cloud Essentials+ proves you are ready for management-level tasks because you have an understanding of the fundamental cloud computing. Plus, you can migrate and govern cloud all while keeping an eye on the business impact.

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CLO-002 Exam Details:

We figured by now you would have decided to take the exam. So here’s what you need to know before sitting for the exam:

Exam Description: CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ Exam is a validation of your knowledge and skills as a competent cloud expert. In passing this exam you prove that you can make flawless and sensible decisions about cloud technologies and their business impact.

Number of Questions: the exam has maximum of 75 questions 

Type of Questions: the format of the exam is multiple choice

Passing Score: the candidate needs at least 720 (on a scale of 100-900) scores to pass

Recommended Experience: before taking the exam the candidate must make sure he has least 6-months to maximum a year of experience working in an IT environment with cloud technologies as a business analyst.

Language: the exam is available in English

Price: the exam costs $119 USD

Yikes! The cost is a bit… well don’t worry at least you will be getting it back ten folds when you start working. Also, the CLO-002 Practice Test you will be getting is least expensive so that puts the lid on the fire there. Moreover, if you go-ahead read the rest of the article you will find out this is not that bad of a deal.

What You Will Gain?

CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ will demonstrate that the successful candidates can:


The Skills You Will Learn:

Following are the skills covered in this exam:

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Where You Can Work?

There is a high demand for CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ in international market. The technology is being used by big companies like Accenture, IBM and Oracle.

Recommended for Jobs:

This certification is beneficial for cloud related job roles such as:

How Much You Can Earn?

Employers that have proved their skills with this certification are earning an average salary of 50,000 per year.


Cloud is a basic necessity of today’s IT World and a person with expertise in this niche can never be jobless. What can be a better choice than internationally recognized, vendor-neutral CompTIA Cloud Essentials+?


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