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How to Earn a Scholarship: Some Easier Ways

Education is a basic human need, no matter how you look at it. Primary and secondary education provides the knowledge that shapes up students’ attitudes and views on the world and their future careers. However, the prices of higher education are rapidly increasing, forcing students to think about how to earn a scholarship from a relatively young age. Scholarships become the salvation for many, but official education facilities present comprehensive lists of requirements for their applicants.

Therefore, the question of how to earn a scholarship is bittersweet: students know that they need excellent grades, extracurricular activities, participation in conferences, etc. For some, the stress and pressure might take its toll on their physical and mental health. If only there would be an easier way, right? Now, thanks to technological advancements, specialists are starting to detect a stronger emphasis on the “education for all” movement.

Some less stressful scholarships for you to consider

If you are asking how to earn a scholarship, you probably have not heard about any of these options. Some of the examples will include full-fledged platforms, allowing people to apply for various scholarships for colleges/universities and online courses. In some cases, we will be talking about some unique options for earning a scholarship. In all cases, scholarships require less work on the part of the applicant to quality.


Niche is a service provided by a team of devoted individuals in Pittsburgh. After signing up, you will be able to find scholarships that you are eligible for. The website is quite easy to navigate, and the hunt for scholarships might resemble an ordinary trip to an online store. While walking down the aisles of scholarships, you will notice that all of them are different. You can also browse these scholarships by location, requirements, targeted students, etc.


At BitDegree, anyone can apply for a micro scholarship. While the funding options at Niche included colleges or schools, BitDegree takes a different approach to scholarships. This platform offers various online courses on programming, self-improvement, digital graphics, SEO, ethical hacking, and so on. Students that have no financial resources to pay for the course can apply for a small scholarship, which will cover the curriculum and reward the student for finishing the course. Applicants are required to provide some details for verification purposes, and share their story on how new skills will improve their lives. However, anyone can become both a sponsor and an applicant!

The Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship

Are you watching the Walking Dead and constantly facepalming to the decisions characters make? Well, now you have a chance to produce a genius plan of surviving a zombie apocalypse. If your story convinces the jury of apocalypse specialists, you will get $2,000 towards your college education. So, start clicking that keyboard and device the master guide for surviving the apocalypse!

The Emoji Scholarship

Which emoji perfectly represents you? This scholarship contest really wants to find out. Nowadays, people are no strangers to emojis, and these smiley faces sometimes speak louder than words. To get a $1,000 scholarship, you need to share how a specific emoji represents you. With such a quirky option, it cannot hurt to give it a go!

Less-demanding scholarships provide more opportunities for students

Surprisingly, we have only scratched the surface on how to earn a scholarship. We hope that you will consider applying for these funding options and feeling inspiring to find other ones. For instance, if you are not interested in college or have already graduated, BitDegree scholarships allow you to get new, life-changing skills. In other cases, search the web for more options and improve your college life!