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How to Improve Your Speaking Skills

Improve Your Speaking

A common language that people with different native languages can use to communicate, English is the language which spans across countries and cultures, and the ability to speak it well will open many doors for your career and social life. An individual with excellent English speaking skills can have intresting and insightful conversation with others. One of the good news is that the students or person doesn’t have to attend the classrooms or listen to stressful lessons to learn how to speak English. There are some methods and techniques to learn any skill, which is helpful in life. Here is a blog, which will help you provide tips to improve your English speaking skills.

Tips to Improve your English Speaking Skills

In order to express and speak fluently in the English language, it is important to know the vocabulary and correct pronunciation. Given below are the tips to improve your English speaking skills:

  1. Develop the habit of Speaking: Develop the habit of speaking as often as possible to as many people as possible. Do not feel shy of speaking wrong words or making mistakes while speaking. The more you practice and learn more words in English with meaning, the better your vocabulary is going to get.
  2. Use Technology for learning languages: A smartphone or even TV are powerful tools to learn different kinds of languages. You can use a smartphone to record yourself speaking and then can listen to it, to know better how it may sound to others. There are various productive English learning apps, which will help you learn new words, phrases and idioms.
  3. Listening patiently: By listening to English commentary, while watching sports or listening to news bulletins and songs in English, will help you improve the pronunciation of words. By copying and practising what you hear will help you improve pronunciation and learn new words.
  4. Loud Reading: When you read the newspaper or script for your favourite TV show, it will help you learn and speak the sentences with better pronunciation. In the beginning, don’t worry about the mistake in sentence structure and grammar, the main focus should be using the sentences in the real-life conversation as much as possible.
  5. Develop a habit of learning new words every day: You must develop a habit of reading books and newspapers every day. When you will read the lessons of the books or read the article of the newspaper, who will be going to learn more new words. Note it down in your notebook and try to find out the meaning of the words in the dictionary. Try to use the words in day to day life will help you learn new words.
  6. Watch English Films: When you go to watch English movies in theatres or at home, watch and listen to the movie with full concentration. When you pay attention, you will listen to new vocabulary and pronunciation. Try to use them in your daily life, like a phrase while joking, etc.
  7. Participate in the Public Speaking Events: There are various universities, theatres and cultural societies, which organise events like spoken word readings, open debates and improvised storytelling gatherings. Participating in such events will help you practice speaking english. Try to talk in groups and having a good conversation with english speaking friends, will help in developing your English, to a very good extent. The big towns like Mumbai, Delhi, etc. are hosting TEDx talks, where you can register yourself to participate and share your innovative ideas with the masses.
  8. Think in English in your mind: Many times, it has been seen that whenever a person speaks in English to us, some of us take time to translate from native language to English in mind, and then respond to the person. So, make a habit of thinking in English in mind, as when you will think in english, you will take less time to respond in a conversation. The best way to practise this is to try to maintain a diary, where you can express your daily thoughts in English.


Hope the blog has helped in providing tips to improve your English speaking skills, following which you can perform interesting, exciting and insightful conversations in English with your friends and family.