Improving Faster Your Typing Skills: Tips and Apps

Having a good speed of typing increases its productivity a number of times. The release of extra time goes as an extra bonus for this effort. You may redirect that to more important things. We also can tell you even more with regard to the speed of typing.

Some services can be called professional, like transcription services, only if they ensure the fast speed of typing. Yes, good human transcription services are impossible without that.

Do you want to develop such extremely useful things on your own? We suggest good pieces of advice and apps to learn how to type like professional transcriptionists. So, let’s start from the basics.

Start with These Basic Tips

So, you have decided to start improving your typing skills. What are the main things you should pay attention to?

Look at These Good Apps That May Help You

There are so many good applications designated to help in developing better typing skills. We have shortlisted for you good suggestions in this regard:

  1. Ratatype

This is a good service that renders online tutoring along with testing. To start using this platform, it is necessary to sign up with your email or use your Facebook account. The platform offers its free resources to subscribers only. Apart from exercises, the service offers tutorials and may provide you with useful guidance about your gaps, posture, distance to your monitor, and, of course, positions of your fingers. That is a useful source of materials, exercises, and tests for those who want to get amazing typing skills.

  1. TypeRacer

This is a good tool as it is customized to appear like racing. This may add fun to the process and make it faster. All texts from exercises are taken from popular books and games. These exercises are ranged according to their complexity. If a customer wants to track one’s progress, registration is required.

  1. Typing Master

This is a good typing course that is customized to a customer’s needs. It includes approximately 10 hours of typing exercises. The main aim of this course is to increase the speed of typing two or even three times. The course is designed in a way that each lesson introduces new combinations for practicing. Its keyboard is colored to help a customer learn fast. The service also ensures a real-time assessment. This is made to provide the exact customization of the service required for a customer to succeed.

  1. Keybr

This tool is good as it first provides an introduction about how it works before redirecting a customer to typing exercises directly. Its diagrams also show you the time when fingers should have a rest. It is very easy to track your progress with this application as it provides you smaller pieces for practicing with the further extension of such later. This tool has a variety of exercises, and its algorithms are well-developed to customize the process to the needs of users.

  1. TypingClub

This is one of the most simple apps we have found. It is still very good for arranging the learning process well. It ensures moving from less to more complex exercises. So, users may easily develop their skills. The website also enables making a break when a user needs that. It also tracks the process and provides very detailed reports about the progress. And the good point is that the service has ensured a balance between the number of free and paid lessons. So, all potential users may have good practice.

Last Words

If you want to develop extremely fast skills while typing any text, use our helpful pieces of advice and apps we have suggested to you. This complex approach may ensure better results. In case of difficulties with that and the urgency for making your typing work done, you may always request professional transcription services. Those can easily help you with converting audio to text and video to text. And you will be able to develop your typing skills in a freer and calmer way.

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