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Innovations That Can Ease Students’ Writing


Let’s be honest, students are always looking for new ways to make their studying easier. The workload at college and university can be huge and a lot to deal with. It is a real step-up from school that can take a long time to get used. In particular, a lot of students struggle with writing. This is something that is necessary for almost every subject but that is not really taught. Often, teachers help students learn about topics but they do not advise them on how to write a good essay. But the good news is that there have been innovations that can help students with their essays and projects. This includes assistive writing devices. Let’s take a look at some of these innovations and how they help students with their essays every day.

Text to Speech (TTS)

Are you bad at typing? Do you always make mistakes that you miss when you are editing? You could try text to speech technology or TTS for short. This is a way for you to complete your paper with minimal mistakes. A lot of students accidentally make errors when they are typing without realizing it. When they read it back, they are tired and not paying attention. They just want to hand their essay in. But this is how errors fly under the radar. Using TTS is a way to hear the computer speak back their assignment and spot these errors clearly. This means that you can avoid handing in a paper that is full of mistakes and that will lower your grade.

Spell Check and Grammar Check

Not every student’s strong side is writing. While you may be aware of the topic you are writing about, you might also find it difficult to articulate. The good thing is that assistive technology for writing can help. First, you can read custom essay writing service reviews to find the right helping company. An essay service review gives you an opportunity to know what you get before you buy. You can also leave a review for other students. Nevertheless, just for the case, keep in mind that a review includes the spell check and grammar check tools. Also it can scan your document for mistakes and highlight them to you. Then you can make the changes before handing in your paper. At last, if it is needed, for the help with essay writing, you can use a professional essay writing service.

Dictation Technology

Are you better at formulating a speech rather than writing an essay? Well, you can do this by using speech-to-text tools. This means that you can speak the words you want to be included in your paper. The computer listens to your speech and writes it into a word document. It is a great way to quickly complete an assignment and write directly about what you are thinking. You just have to remember to give verbal commands for punctuation. But it is easy to use and you can lighten your workload. Always make sure you read your essay over to make sure it has understood your accent and what you are saying.



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