Must Have Corporate Soft Skills for Better Workplace Efficiency

A 2016 study by Wonderlic revealed that 93% of all employers agree that soft skills influence hiring decisions to a great extent. Regardless of the industry you belong to, these skills can make a huge difference to your career success. By establishing a work culture that thrives on communication and interpersonal skills, you will be able to draw more productivity from co-workers. Along with technical expertise, it is always a good idea to have people with the right attitude and approach in your team.

The good news is that soft skills can be learned. In fact, there are some great software training institutes that also offer such soft skills courses, says IFuture Technologies, a leading computer coaching centre. Behavioral training can help you reach new heights in your career but the key is to choose the right coaching centre and the right skills to get trained in.

So, here’s a look at the top soft skills that employers look for.

Time Management

This is a key factor to successfully achieve business goals. Time management means being able to organize your work, manage your team and keep business activities running without missing any deadlines. It is an essential skill every employee must possess to ensure high productivity and a committed work environment. Making the most effective use of the time available to you can help you get more done in your work day.


The ability to communicate effectively with team members, seniors, business partners and clients is of utmost importance in every industry. Communication does not only mean emails and text messages, but also in-person conversations. Other than verbal communication, one must also be good at listening, exhibiting friendliness or empathy, have clarity and confidence, be open minded, give and receive feedback constructively and show respect.

Stress Management

Every job can become stressful at some point or the other. Workload might rise and deadlines might get missed. Sometimes, in the process of coping with these issues, you might go through long periods of stress. During such times, it is important to take a break, do things to relieve stress and start afresh. Stress management skills can be of huge help. Having a positive attitude during tough times can make difficult work seem manageable and make all the difference. Look out for computer training institutes that include stress management programs in their behavioral courses.

Conflict Resolution

A company values employees who can come up with effective solutions to everyday challenges and tackle them easily. The same is true of the ability to resolve conflicts quickly and smoothly. Being able to do so can prevent negativity from building up within the team, which would come in the way of job performance.

So, the next time you look for the best software training institutes, choose one that also offer behavioral training, including soft skills courses. This could help you enhance your skill set in more ways than just technical expertise.

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