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The SHL Cognitive Test

If you need to take the SHL cognitive test, then you have your work cut out for you. This test is often done in corporate America and helps employers understand who is a good fit for their business and who is not a good fit for a specific role. It is typically used to sort candidates and help sort and create boundaries within the hiring process, to make things a little bit easier for everyone. That said, it can be quite a stressful experience for the one who is taking the test, as it can be quite in-depth, over all!

For example, it is absolutely possible for fail the SHL Test (at least, the cognitive test). So, how do you fail it in the first place? Well, if you fall below average in your cohort (everyone who took the test with you), then you probably won’t make it  to interviews with your potential employer. You need to get the best possible score to show that you are a cut above the rest and that you can handle the demands and stress of the job at hand. If you can demonstrate this, you’ll absolutely succeed when it comes to test-day!

Get Great at Time Management

Time management can make or break your test scores on test day. SHL tests are known for being brutal with their time-limits, to getting good at managing your time is a vital part of the process. You see, if you want to grow and build your career, you need to get a great score, but you have to get it quickly. That’s one of the reasons that practicing is such a vital and integral part of getting a passing score. Practicing with time-limits in place, gives you a sense of the urgency, of the time needed to complete each section and more. This insight can make all the difference when it comes to passing or failing.

It’s also very important to make sure that you know which test you are taking, as each SHL cognitive and ability test can have a different time limit that impacts how you approach things. Make sure that you answer questions quickly, focusing on easy ones and ensure that you don’t waste all of your time struggling with the harder questions.

Prepare your Information

What do you need when you go into your test? How many things do you need to bring with? What test will you be taking and how long is that test? Do you have more than one test and what is expected of you on test day? Do you need to arrive early? Every test and every business is different, so you need to make sure that you are completely on top of everything and have a full and complete understanding of it. A lack of understanding can absolutely kill those test scores and make them plummet horribly. You want to ensure that you are properly prepared and that you fully understand what’s coming and how you’re expected to respond. Not only is this practical, but you’ll feel so much more confident and settled in yourself. Confidence is powerful! If you feel that you’re going to do well, you’re so much more likely to actually perform well.

Know Yourself

What do you need to perform well on test day? What do you need to have on hand, keep in mind and prepare in order to get the best possible results? Do you need extra sleep before a test, or does eight hours work well enough? What food leaves you feeling energized instead of tired and lethargic? How do you feel when you take a few moments to stretch and breathe? Take care of yourself, mentally and physically, in the days leading up to the test. There’s no point staying up late and cramming only to fail because you were too tired to understand the questions that were asked.

Do your best to get comfortable before the test, too. Get comfortable, take a few deep breaths, wear things that make you feel good, and come in feeling good, feeling confident and ready to tackle the world. There is no substitute for knowing yourself and feeling ready, confident and comfortable come test day.

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