Tips to learn Spanish in Madrid 2022

Madrid is a city where students from all over the world come to study Spanish. Thousands of young people, and some not so young, fill the streets of Madrid’s different neighborhoods to learn the Spanish language.

In addition to attending a Spanish school, such as Expanish, living in a city like Madrid helps incorporate the language much more quickly. You can attend shows, exhibitions, and many other artistic and leisure activities, such as shopping or going to a pub, which is an important stimulus to expand and deepen your knowledge of the language and Hispanic culture.

Learning a new language is not an easy task, it requires time and effort, but above all, it is important to do it with motivation and enthusiasm. Otherwise, we will not be victorious. This is the truth; there is not much more secret; however, certain tips (or “tricks”) can be very helpful when learning Spanish.

These tips try to depart from the conventional methods of language teaching, which are based on vocabulary and grammatical content before starting to communicate. On the contrary, these tips encourage you to start speaking, even if you make mistakes, since that is exactly what you learn from.

When you attend a spanish language school in Madrid, you have the best of both worlds; on the one hand, you can see the grammatical content, and on the other hand, you can experiment with the language by doing activities with the locals. Life itself and human relationships lead you to learn even more.

But anyway, let’s not waste more time and see what beauty tips can help you learn Spanish. It is worth clarifying that you should not take them strictly, what we give you recommendations here, so you can reinterpret them and adapt them based on what you like and your needs. Always follow your common sense; there is no single recipe for learning a language.

Tip Nº 1

The first recommendation is to make a plan that goes beyond the course you have enrolled in or are considering enrolling in.

The best part of the experience of traveling to Madrid to learn Spanish is being able to interact with the people and culture of Madrid. So try and make it a point to interact with Spaniards so that you can communicate (as best as you can) in their language.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed, you will probably make mistakes, but you can learn from them. Everyone will be very patient with you, as Spaniards are extremely friendly. Start speaking Spanish from your first day in the city, and you can help yourself with a dictionary or an application; you can make a list of words. You learn to speak Spanish by talking! It doesn’t matter if you speak like Tarzan, don’t be afraid of ridicule. Have fun with the experience of trying to understand someone who doesn’t speak your language.

Tip Nº 2

Before we recommend you to speak, you should know that to learn any language, it is not only essential to talk but also to listen. Listening is a very important part of learning; so listen to people talking to each other in the street, in bars, and stores; listen to the radio or music in Spanish; you can also watch movies or series in Spanish, which are ideal for incorporating expressions and a lot of vocabulary.

If you do not look for all these stimuli, you will only be destined to listen to the teacher and your classmates, which implies a very limited language register since it is always given in the same context. The context is critical to understanding other records, such as a more vulgar register or a more formal one.

Prepare your sense of hearing and try to get involved in as many conversations as possible.

Tip Nº 3

It is highly recommended to have a conversation and do a reading with a different theme every day. An excellent way to achieve this is to read the news daily, either through the newspaper or the web. This way, you could be informed about current issues, allowing you to start a conversation with anyone about it.

In this way, you will also be able to integrate yourself better and immerse yourself much more in the environment where you live and move. Being informed about the events of the neighborhood and the city where you live will be of great help to you to keep practicing your Spanish and to be able to interact more with the locals.

Tip Nº 4

You speak a language well when you learn to sound like the natives, so make an effort to imitate the accent and intonation of the locals from your first day in the city. This extremely important aspect is not given the importance it deserves.

It is essential that you take care to leave your accent aside when trying to speak Spanish, as this will make immersion in the Spanish culture much easier, and you will also be able to relate better with the locals.

Every time you speak try to imitate the typical Spanish accent and intonation every time you speak. Repeat the words you hear in series, movies, or music; as we said before, listen to what people say and how they say it, and try to imitate them in their way of speaking.

Tip Nº 5

Grammar is the part most learners probably have the most challenging time with and one of the big reasons why many get frustrated and stop learning.

Well, grammar is fundamental and vital to understand; however, not in the first encounters with the language, but the more advanced levels. Once you have basic knowledge of the language, it is important to get organized to communicate clearly and neatly, but not before. At that point, grammar will not be so heavy, and even more so if it is learned in a contextualized way. This way, grammar is incorporated in a more effective and faster way.

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