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Tips & Tricks to Pass CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Exam for CyberSecurity Professionals

In a world where technology plays a role in almost every consumer and professional aspect, competition for the available job opportunities can be stiff. Honestly, it should be, especially when more and more companies understand the need to align their services with the latest technological developments.  

The upside of this is that it has created plenty of opportunities for qualified individuals with the right skills. However, potential employers will always want a way to authenticate your knowledge and skills in a bid to be sure that they are getting the right personnel for the tasks at hand.  

Fortunately, attaining the right IT certification is no rocket science. Have you ever thought for once what its like to become CompTIA certified? Perhaps you got discouraged by your peers or the difficulties involved in attaining one.  

Well, breathe a sigh of relief because this article is focusing on the CompTIA Security+ certification and the related SY0-501 exam, with a few expert tips for passing the required exam. So, let’s get started. 

What is the CompTIA Security+ Certification? 

The CompTIA Security+ credential is the benchmark for establishing a career in IT infrastructure with an emphasis on network troubleshooting, configuration, and management. This certification confirms that you possess the relevant knowledge and skills to manage functional networks.  

It also validates your skills related to designing and implementing functional networks, configuring, merging, and maintaining essential network devices, and using devices such as routers and switches when segmenting network traffic.  

Furthermore, it verifies your ability to design strong networks, recognize the benefits and shortcomings of the current networks, and troubleshoot network problems among the rest. 

What Skills AreYou Gaining? 

The CompTIA Security+ certification equips you with vital IT skills including Network Concepts, Network Security, Infrastructure, Network Operations, and Network Troubleshooting and Tools. 

What Job Roles Does Employ the CompTIA Security+ Certification? 

Is attaining the Security+ certification worth it? Sure it is, and here is why. Becoming Security+ certified comes with plenty of benefits, some of which are opening prospects to get hired for such honorable IT positions as Network Analyst, System Engineer, Computer Technician, Network Field Engineer, Junior Network Administrator, and Network Field Technician, to name a few. 

Many companies highly appreciate the abovementioned credential, thereby, you won’t be short of options when you finally become certified. Some of the noteworthy companies that employ these skills in their day-to-day operations include Apple, Dell, Hp, RICOH, and Intel among the rest. It is a proper motivating factor, isn’t it? 

SY0-501 Exam: Important Details  

To become CompTIA Security+ certified, you need to pass one exam, known as SY0-501 by code. Read on to find the details of this test and a few study options worth incorporating in your study routine. 

Launched in early 2018, the CompTIA SY0-501 exam has since been restructured to cover the modern networking technology areas. Several domains were added to give it an expanded coverage of the concepts. These include the latest hardware and virtualization techniques, service models and cloud computing best practices, and critical security concepts to help network professionals cooperate with security experts. 

Exam Details 

The CompTIA SY0-501 exam is a 90-minute duration assessment that covers 90 items related to the networking domain. The exam questions imply various formats from drag and drops to multiple-choice single and multiple answers, and performance-based questions.

The passing score is 720 on a scale of 100-900. It’s important to note the CompTIA Security+ exam costs $319 per attempt and is currently available in English, Japanese, and German. 

Recommended Training 

It’s highly recommended that the CompTIA Security+ exam candidates should have a minimum of 9 to 12 months of networking experience before scheduling the test. 

Exam Preparation Options 

The CompTIA official website is home to a variety of training options for Security+ exam success. You can enroll for the eLearning platform to bring your certification journey to life. This option exposes you to a modern learning platform that features helpful videos, performance-based questions, and flashcards that are geared towards exam excellence. 

CompTIA Security+: Aptitudes for your Meaningful Preparation 

CompTIA proposes learning guides for A+ certification exams created by certification experts for your profound understanding of all the test concepts and objectives. Print and eBook formats are there to assist you in your exam preparation process. 

The platform will assist in candidates’ gainful learning from any place. The platform is equipped with training videos and flashcards which are geared towards exam excellence. 

Bring your training to life with CompTIA’s easy-to-use lab environments for the Security+ certification. This option helps advance your knowledge of the exam concepts by enabling you to complete the tasks from basic to advanced levels. 

Well-tested videos in a talk show format will promote you in the job position as well as acquire victory in gaining the CompTIA Security+ credential.  

No matter which professional category you belong to – perhaps you represent an experts’ crew, or you are personally striving for the promotion, as well as utilizing CompTIA Authorized Training Partners.  Make the choice according to your preferences and enjoy the sought preparation. 

PrepAway Website toPrepare for CompTIA Security+ Certification  


What does the future hold for CompTIA Security+ certified individuals? Plenty of opportunities for the right candidates! And before thinking about your career prospects, it would be useful to start by passing the CompTIA SY0-501 qualifying exam. Hopefully, the highlighted tips will give you a cutting edge over the test and help you register a passing score in the test on your first try!