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Top Reasons Why ITIL 4 is Here to Transform The Future of IT Services

Why ITIL 4 is Here to Transform

The IT industry, in general, has seen a sweeping change in the past few years, with big data, cloud computing, and IoT ruling the mind-set of today’s millennials and Gen-X entrepreneurs alike. With such jarring transformations occurring on an exponential scale, there is a need for IT services to evolve from traditional micro-level customer experiences to wider business strategies. A simple example is that automatic ticket generation and trouble-shooting has already become a norm for modern PCs. Most IoT devices are already equipped with the know-how of possible failures prior to human intervention. So what role does ITSM play in future-forward companies? An ITIL 4 certification is your best bet in staying at the helm of the IT service revolution.

First things first. What is ITIL and why is it relevant to you?

ITIL is a framework of best service practices and management in IT. Organizations that adopt the ITIL4 foundation course framework are known to take a holistic approach to effectively manage all facets of the company’s Service Management ideologies keeping customer satisfaction as the core criterion. All companies both large and small have adopted ITIL due to its organizational coherence. Examples include HSBS, AXA Insurance Group, Boeing, HP and even government organizations like NASA. In simple terms, the ITIL framework is the complete guide to streamline service lifecycle processes to ensure maximum efficiency without compromising on customer experiences. The globally accepted set of practices is routinely iterated to fit the current market conditions and the latest edition ITIL 4 was released on Feb 28, 2019.

The ITIL4 Foundation certification allows you to grasp the basic knowledge required to become a top-notch candidate in any IT services team. The course opens you up to several job opportunities in the evergreen field and gives you a boost up the career ladder. As it is a globally recognized certificate, ITIL certified candidates are given primary preference for ITSM positions world-over.

How ITIL 4 is set to revolutionize ITSM

Given that 4th Industrial revolution, aka ITIL 4 is here, there is no better time to jump on that ship right now and get yourself a head start in the game. The ITIL 4 foundation course will introduce to all core ITIL terminologies and principles to keep you, your company and your career path divested in a systematic approach towards better lifecycle practices and management.

How to obtain ITIL 4 foundation certification?

Now that you are largely convinced about the relevance of ITIL4 in the current IT revolution, getting yourself the certification is key. Firstly, you must understand that there are several levels of certification that you can obtain. The beginner level course is the ITIL Foundation certification course. This course focuses on the introduction to terminologies and the fundamentals of IT service value creation. It also covers service management dimensions. To obtain the certification, you must undergo ITIL 4 foundation training from an accredited body. This will help you avail of all the resources and downloadable material to prepare for the examination. Post the training, you can take the ITIL 4 Foundation examination, which consists of 40 Multiple Choice Questions. The exam duration is 60 minutes. You must get at least 26 out of 40 questions right, in the examination in order to obtain the certification.

If you are looking for a quick jump in your ITSM ladder, look no further than the ITIL 4 Foundation certification. Help yourself take the next step in building a successful career by planning for your future based on upcoming ITSM trends.