Your Best 11 Tools to Stop Procrastinating and Start Writing

What can be worse than the absence of writing talent? For a writer, the worst sin is procrastination – a nasty habit to postpone the work until the last moment. Procrastinators can’t discipline themselves to perform work in advance, with careful planning and time management. As a result, they are always in a hurry, hasting to submit their texts at the last moment. To help all procrastinators out, experts of write my essay for me service have compiled a handy list. These are the top 11 time management tools for writers.


Do you have a long to-do list? Does this list include dozens of small activities distracting you from your primary goal, writing? Wunderlist can solve the problem by providing you with an efficient time and task management space. Apart from managing your writing project, you can set up a shared to-do list for a group project. It’s about organizing every team member and controlling their progress. With rigid timelines and efficient controls, nobody will have time or desire for procrastination (you included).


If you’re a procrastinating student with numerous pending assignments, the Assignment partner service can come in handy. There is a workable solution against failing grades. Late submission or no submission at all is a severe threat to your course completion. So don’t take your procrastination that far. Ask the specialists of engineering assignment writing service for quick and competent academic assistance. Get your assignments done in hours. Do it instead of dropping out of college.

Sharp Essay

Suppose you have finally written that essay but lack time to check and improve it. Or you may not want to return to that paper again. You may think that your mission is complete after writing the final word in that file. We have bad news: without proofreading and editing, your assignment has a high chance of a failing grade. Why undermine your writing effort and risk the grade? Contact the editors of SharpEssay. Get your essay proofread. Then continue procrastinating with no harm to your academic performance.


Referencing is a stumbling block for many writers. Unlike the creative writing process, this aspect of text preparation for submission requires attention to detail. It needs a scrupulous recording of all sources of evidence you have used. For academic submissions, the process gets even more challenging. It’s because writers may possess scarce knowledge of referencing styles, such as APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago Turabian. As a result, they waste time learning more about the referencing format. It causes losing precious time they could otherwise spend on other assignments.

This is when EasyBib comes in handy. This tool helps writers format their citations in the required format easily and quickly. From now on, you only need to paste the URL of your source and indicate the referencing style you need. The rest will be done for you in an instant.

Help Me Write

The name of the app speaks for itself; it is a community of students and writers where members help each other with content inspiration. If you don’t know what to write about or what might interest your target audience, ask the Help Me Write folks. And they’ll come up with a bunch of ideas. In this way, you can quickly get some motivating ideas. It gives engaging topics to sit down to writing without further delays.

Most Dangerous Writing App

Some writers stumble on an idea or word. Firstly, suddenly arriving email distracts them. Secondly, some appear to be writing a new Instagram post. All those distractions erode your writing discipline and bring your writing output to a minimum. How to fight that harmful habit?

The Most Dangerous Writing App knows how to discipline such procrastinators! Moreover, once you stop writing for a certain period, your draft gets completely wiped out. Losing the fruits of your labor one or two times will quickly teach you discipline. You won’t get away from the screen until you’re done. Though this method is harsh, it is highly effective – no compromises!


The worst enemy of writers is the lack of concentration. Once you sit down to write some piece, you’re pop-up emails and advertisements constantly distract you. Can inspiration come to a writer amid such an informational fuss? We seriously doubt that. OmmWriter can become your ideal solution to the problem. Once you run the app, it suppresses all other windows and programs to let you concentrate in full. Its serene, minimalistic background and a creative interface ensure a productive writing session.

Now Do This

To complete numerous tasks pending in your to-do list every day, you need to follow one simple rule. It’s doing one thing at a time. This is much easier than you might think if you organize the workspace properly. Now Do This helps in such organization by offering you one task at a time. Once you complete it, just tick it as “done,” and the app will let you proceed to another one. Unlike the fussy and draining multitasking, this approach works as a productivity booster.


This tool is handy for professional writers who earn a living with writing projects. Such professionals often lack organization and rarely know how much time they spend on each client’s projects. As a result, writers often don’t know what projects are worth the effort and which ones require a reconsideration. TimePanther helps organize data about writing projects and clients in one place. They give the writer a clear, comprehensive image of their work output and revenues. With weekly reports, writers can easily visualize their workflow and make adjustments to become more productive in the writing schedule.


Another tool for professional writers, Nutcache will help you keep multiple projects on track. It may also be suitable for students who work on several academic projects at once. The app is enriched with numerous features, such as automated invoicing, collaboration on writing projects, and document exchange. With all of these functions, we can effectively tailor to all kinds of writing needs.

Focus Booster

The final app in our review is Focus Booster, a product with a self-explanatory name. This tool uses the Pomodoro time management technique of working on projects with short breaks between high-productivity intervals. Students who lack concentration or exhaust themselves with overnight essay writing marathons may benefit from the app. For instance, they should try breaking down the work into chunks and having some meaningful rest in between.

Here is our list of procrastination fighters. Include any of them into your arsenal, and you’ll see how our productivity improves day by day.

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