5 settings that you should know before using Netflix

There is no doubt that Netflix is the king of the entertainment world. With hundreds of options available in a single category, there is no shortage of content on Netflix.

It’s essential to know some interesting Netflix settings, including how to get American Netflix in Canada, how to download your movie, and most importantly, how to adjust video quality.

Without further ado, let’s personalize your Netflix experience by adjusting the following five settings.

1. Create multiple profiles to personalize your Netflix account

The recommended or suggested movies and seasons that you see on your Netflix profile are essentially based on your viewing history. It would be a terrible idea for the entire family to use one profile. You can confuse Netflix if one member of the family enjoys Korean or Japanese content while the other is a fan of the Marvel series. The option of personalizing the profile is one of the reasons Netflix is better than Disney Plus and other streaming sites.

That’s why it’s better to organize the Netflix recommendations by creating separate profiles for all the family members. This way, all of you can enjoy your respective content without disturbing one another’s suggestion list.

You need to go to family settings and create profiles by the family member names. Not only that, Netflix offers a dedicated Kids profile with parental control. You can also see the allowed age on the top left corner of the move you select. The good news is that you can also set up a guest profile.

2. Download shows and enjoy them offline

Lucky for you, you can watch Netflix shows offline when you are travelling or during your daily commute. Additionally, you can download up to 100 movies at one time on different devices, based on your subscription plan.

Open the Netflix app on your mobile or smart TV. Search for your favourite movie and click on it. On your mobile, you’ll see a download option right under the play button. Click on it to start the downloading process.

On the Windows device, open the Netflix app and go to Menu. Here you can navigate to the option “See What You Can Download” or “Available for Download.: By the way, these options vary with devices.

After successfully downloading the desired episode, you can access it in the “My Downloads” menu.

However, you can’t download all the movies or shows available on Netflix. It’s because of the exclusive content rights. Moreover, the downloads expire after a certain period, and they have a limitation on how many times you can watch during a year.

3. Use secret Netflix codes to find additional categories

Netflix comes with a massive list of hidden streaming content of Drama, Sci-Fi, and Action that you can access if you know the secret Netflix codes. You can access a specific series if you know the URL of the secret Netflix codes. Take the following example:


The ‘####” refers to the code of the specific category you are looking for. For instance, 35800 is the code for steamy romantic movies, while 67879 is for Korean TV shows. First, you need to log in to your Netflix account and then type the specific URL to access different categories on your computer or laptop.

By the way, there are a total of 135 Netflix secret codes to unlock its media repository.

4. Set the best available video quality

If you are streaming Netflix on your smart TV, go to your account and search for “Playback settings.” Here, you can select the data usage per screen to high, which allows you to enjoy the best video quality.

If you are watching Netflix on a browser on Windows PC, we’ve got bad news for you. Both Chrome and Firefox limit the users to 720p. It’s because Netflix doesn’t offer 4K or even 1080p on both these browsers.

Furthermore, you can’t stream 4K videos on your basic subscription plan. You should know that Netflix offers three kinds of plans with different video quality:

5. Add subtitles

Netflix is an international streaming platform containing content in different languages, such as Korean, Spanish, Japanese, and more. That’s why you may need to enable subtitles with some movies in a foreign language. Moreover, Netflix offers subtitles in different languages that you can select from the available list.

Open Netflix and play your favourite movie. Next, select the captions button, available on the bottom right of the screen. Select the subtitle language of your choice.

Bonus: Many movies and series come with different audio. For example, you can also select the audio of an original Korean TV show in English.


After knowing about the above settings, you can customize your Netflix experience and enjoy your favourite shows. First, you must create separate profiles for your friends and family and download the shows for offline viewing. Next, you can use the Netflix secret codes to access additional media categories, adjust their video quality, and add subtitles. Another important tip is to always use a VPN to save the hassle of location restriction.

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