Fun Pranks you can do at the Office or at Home

Whether it’s April Fools day or just another day at the office, we all love a good prank (well, at least when it’s not on us).

So we have compiled a fun and easy pranks list to play at the office or at home.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts- The healthier kind

Are you that guy to regularly bring doughnuts to the office for others to enjoy? Perhaps you want to make a “good” impression on your boss on the first day of work. (Beware as your job may be at stake here)

Well, next time you’re at the doughnut store, buy a dozen doughnuts and replace them with cauliflower.

Give the box to your boss or friends, not before informing them you bought an assortment of their favourite doughnuts.

Then have a laugh at their misery once they open the box only to discover fresh cauliflowers.

Swap around the keyboard keys

This is probably the easiest prank on the list, simply pop the caps off your victim’s keyboard and switch them around.

The best keys to swap are 1,2 and 3 with 7,8 and 9 or B, N and M for F, G and H.

It’s a very easy prank but if he or she is like most people where typing is 2nd nature, then don’t worry.

With the Windows’ region and language settings, you can remap the keyboard. A keyboard layout like Dvorak could be used, for example.

Rainbow Car

You’ve probably never thought about using sticky notes to prank someone, but with this practical joke, you’ll need all the sticky notes you can get.

Just take or buy sticky notes in an assortment of colours and completely cover the car you want to do the prank on, perhaps your friend hates rainbows or the colour pink.

The only draw-back of this prank is that it will probably take a while to do, but get a friend and do it in half the time.

Office Foil 

Do you have a colleague who always fails to show up on time to the office? Like the sticky note prank, you will need foil in place of sticky notes, and instead of a car, you’re going to cover his whole office.

Make sure you cover all the small items as well, such as pens, scissors and folders.

As it’s a time-consuming prank, you’ll probably have to get to the office extra early to pull this off. Don’t worry, though, as your work of art will be completely worth it.

Then enjoy as you’ll get an utterly befuddled reaction when they realise their whole office is something you’d see from an 80’s sci-fi movie.

Login Scary Sound Prank

Ever wanted to create a jumpscare on someone in the most unsuspecting way?

The next time your friend goes out of the room while using their desktop, quickly jump on as it will already be logged in.

Simply go into the settings and change the default login sound, while the choice is yours we recommend the scariest ones you can find.

Save then simply turn up the volume to maximum and log out.

Once your friend logs in, record their reaction so you can share afterwards, as everyone loves a jumpscare!

Prank Dial using Apps

You can prank dial someone but there’s a good chance you’ll be discovered, as caller ID’s can be traced and it’s not as easy as you think to change your voice.

To pull this off with ease and efficiency, you’re going to need a prank call app, a prank calling app offers a large variety of pre-recordings made by voice actors.

Its simple, download the phone call prank call and choose the pre-recording you want. For example, the OwnagePranks app has prank scripts like ‘Blew Out The Bathroom at Work’ and ‘Calling in Sick to Work’ which is perfect for the workplace.

After that, choose the contact, call then listen. It’s that simple!

It will automatically record so you can share the fun over and over again, or if you really want a laugh to submit it to the online community.

Our prank call app recommendations would be ‘Prank Call Free- Ownage Pranks’ and ‘PrankDial’

Frozen Cereal 

Want to prank your partner in bed with their favourite cereal? This cute, harmless prank is perfect for April’s fools day.

Find the bowl they usually eat from and fill it with their favourite cereal and milk, then put it in the freezer overnight.

Once you wake up, serve breakfast in bed and enjoy watching your partner’s initial struggle to scoop up their first bite of the day.


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