Innovative TV Technologies to Take Your Entertainment Experience to The Next Level

Televisions have come a long way since their cathode-ray-tube days and thanks to the tremendous technological development in the field, today, you can take your pick from OLED, LED and QLED TVs and enjoy high-quality 4K streaming as well. However, the benefits do not end here, and a modern-day Lloyd TV, Sony TV or Samsung TV would offer you smart capabilities, a plethora of content discovery options, and astounding display qualities. Innovations such as these not only improve the quality of the television you buy, but also revolutionise your viewing experience.

Read on to know about a few exciting upcoming television technologies you should know about.

8K resolution

While you may have just got used to the glorious viewing experience of a 4K television, 8K television is on its way. 8K refers to resolution and as the number suggests is an upscale on 4K technology. To conceptualise 8K, picture a large TV comprising four 4K panels. 8K gives you a total of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels, a whopping 16 times more than what you get with 4K. To truly enjoy this, you’ll need a giant screen, of around 85 inches, 8K content and need to be pretty close to the TV. Samsung was one of the first to manufacture an 8K television with the Q900 in 2018. The brand now has a 98-inch 2019 variant. Similarly, Sony, a major player in the television market, has launched an 8K set of its own under the Sony Master ZG9 series, offering an 8K display in 85-inch and 98-inch size variants.

MicroLED screen

In terms of screen technology, MicroLED is at the forefront of the latest revolution and has fascinated television industry by its future potential. MicroLED, as the name suggests, utilises LED technology that has been shrunk down to microscopic levels. Unlike OLED, MicroLED does not use an organic component and therefore, its degradation over time is far less. The display technology promises slimmer designs, superior brightness levels and perfect blacks without ghostly burn-ins. Samsung was the pioneer in Micro LED technology, when it unveiled ‘The Wall’ at CES 2018. Furthermore, it has expanded its available models to 75-inch and 219-inch television sizes.

IMAX Enhanced program

Aiming to enhance the home theatre experience as it did with regular theatres, IMAX has introduced a certification program in collaboration with DTS to provide you with unparalleled  audio/video television experience. IMAX intends to do this for 4K content. The program is open to televisions, soundbars and Hi-Fi system manufacturers and they can have their products officially certified under the IMAX Enhanced program. As per the official information, to be certified and carry the IMAX Enhanced logo, the manufacturer’s device will have to fulfil stringent performance standards created by IMAX, DTS and Hollywood’s prominent colourists. This will ensure that every IMAX Enhanced certified device will have consistent and top-quality image and sound, thus providing you with an amazing and exhilarating home-viewing experience. Look out for Sony TV models coming out next year, as Sony Electronics has already signed on to be a part of this program.

HDR10+ video format

If you are thinking of upgrading from your current television, consider an HDR-capable set because HDR is the future. HDR offers a theatre-like home viewing experience by portraying sharper and richer images. HDR10+ has dynamic metadata and therefore, will bring a better and richer viewing experience by fine-tuning visuals frame by frame or scene by scene. HDR10+ is the result of a collaboration between 20th Century Fox, Samsung and Panasonic. Moreover, it is an open standard and so, easily accessible to content producers.

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