Soundbar or AV Receiver for Movies?

Sound is one of the most important components when watching a movie at home, as it immerses the viewer in what is happening and allows you to enjoy the fullness of the picture. And it is natural that users have a question of what to choose – a receiver or a soundbar. Both devices have their advantages and you can compare audio equipment on Chooserator.

Soundbar fits even minimalist design

Mainly the popularity of soundbars based on the laconic design and the possibility of mounting in furniture or on the wall, which is ideal for small rooms and minimal visual impact. The soundbars are thin and oblong devices with several speakers located side by side.

The soundbars are easy to install. Just plug the power cable of the soundbar, connect it to your screen with an optical cable, 3.5 mm or HDMI, and that’s it. They reproduce the sound much better than the speakers on your TV, and clear, detailed sound radiates throughout the room to create a perfect night-time movie atmosphere. Also, there are models with virtual surround sound. And it is possible to use models with a separate wireless subwoofer to create deep bass sounds.

Full 3D sound is possible at home

The situation with the receiver is slightly different. Home theater, based on the receiver, allows you to create a configuration of a surround sound, which will serve you well for years to come. A/V receivers have Dolby Atmos surround decoders or similar technologies. Such decoders work in 5.1 or 7.2 configurations.

The receiver and the physically separated speakers will much better share your sound because every unit is physically separated from each other. In addition to being able to choose the exact location of your speakers in the room, a surround system allows you to recover your components at your own pace.

However, there are also presets for the correct arrangement of the speakers, which allow you to form a correct sound picture for complete immersion. You can also combine different types of speakers or even add Sonos surround speakers.

It is also worth considering that often at home there is a lot of equipment that can be connected to a TV, for example, this is a game console, and a Blue Ray player, maybe even a Roku set-top box. In this case, the receiver will act as an HDMI hub. Most soundbars, too, but less space on the soundbar means fewer ports than on the receiver.

And what is better?

You should decide what is best based on your own preferences.  In general, of course, you can call the best device that gives more options. And here the receiver definitely wins. However, you will need to purchase a full set of speakers to create a surround sound configuration. And in this case, do not forget about the budget for the equipment and whether you need all these functions or just want to enjoy a good sound.

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