Stephen Colbert And Alicia Silverstone Discuss Veganism On ‘The Late Show’

The Late Show host Stephen Colbert delighted Alicia Silverstone by talking about veganism when he interviewed her on his show last night.

Colbert said: “You’re a vegan. This time last year I became a vegan.”

Silverstone said: “What? That’s amazing.” Colbert told her to wait until she heard the end of the story, admitting that he followed a plant-based diet for ‘seven months, pretty strict’.


He adds: “But then at a certain point there’s only so much roasted cauliflower one man can eat, and now I’ve fallen off the wagon slightly.”

Silverstone spoke about her own vegan journey. She became vegetarian aged eight, and ‘flirted with it on-and-on’, until seeing some animal agriculture footage that made her commit to veganism.

Now the actor and author is an outspoken advocate for animals, and often works with vegan charities to campaign against animal exploitation.

The pair spoke about veganism on The Late Show


Stephen Colbert originally tried a plant-based diet last year after losing a bet. At that time, he asked longtime vegan Woody Harrelson for advice while interviewing him on the show.

Comedian Colbert asked Harrison: “How do I get my protein?” This prompted Harrelson to explain that people don’t need as much of the macronutrient as they think.

A number of plant-based producers sent the talk show host delicious vegan goodies to help him adapt to his new diet – though he ended up falling off the wagon.

He didn’t say whether or not be was planning to return to a plant-based lifestyle.

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