Top 10 Best running 4k Kodi Addons

Users looking to watch movies online are well aware of Kodi, which is a remarkable service and serving millions of people worldwide. Today we will talk about the best running  4K Kodi Addons for Streaming the top working Kodi addonsMovies and TV shows anything you want to watch. Kodi a whole world and contains all the necessary entertaining content from the latest movies to famous sports channels; it contains content of all genres. However, it is important to note that Kodi TV addons are not reliable, and sometimes they last for a day only, so updating them sometimes is useless. That’s why we have brought this the top working Kodi addons that may work for a longer period.

We are talking about 4K Kodi addons that provide 4K content, and many users may not think about this, so let me guide you. Although it may offer 4k content, all devices cannot play high-resolution media files; that’s why it is important to wipe the doubts. As many users are angry about Kode to add ons because many of them vanish and not reliable at all. However, we are here to serve you and read our full article to know about the operational Kodi Addons that are providing 4K content right now. You must read all the disclaimers and rules before using Kodi, and then try it at your own risk.

Top 10 Best running 4k Kodi Addons 

Our experts have created a list of the best running  4k Kodi Addons that you can access right now on your devices. However, we recommend using some VPN service to watch content on Kodi, and lets have a look at the list given below.

Exodus Redux is at the top of our list of best running 4K Kodi Addons. It is new but still growing popular among the users who are providing 4K content. You can stream different types of stuff on Exodus Redux Addons such as Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, and more. When you click on some movie to watch, the addon will scan for 4K HD links.  If it is available in 4K quality, it will provide you 4K movies within seconds.

The Crew is another famous Addon that allows you to stream movies, TV shows, Cartoons, Live Sports, IPTV channels, Fitness Videos, Radio, Stand-up Comedy, and more.

It is a strict service, and there are copyright rules, and if you are watching content via Kodi addon, which is copyrighted, then it’s not safe. This might be opposed to the laws of your country. However, the solution to stream content through Kodi is VPN, which may change your IP address and make you anonymous.

Many users call it a replica of Exodus; Venom is one of the best Addon, which allows you to stream movies and TV shows. It provides remarkable tools and offers a broad range of content which makes it unique. It integrates with third-party tools to provide you great services, but there is one downside of it. Like other names on this list, it doesn’t offer efficient 4K content, and you may click on movie Title; the Addon will search the internet for accessible sources. You may choose the quality of resolution before playing the movie, and 4K is also available there.

It is one of the best running 4K Kodi Addons which is specially developed for movie lovers. You can get an idea from its name Nole Cinema, and it is a cinema where you can watch Movies, TV shows, Cartoons, Anime and Stand-up Comedy Specials, and more. Nole Cinema offers you content in almost 30 categories which are displayed on the home screen, and you can choose your desired content. The Nole Cinema Addon comes with an exceptional section for 4K movies also, knows as 4K Community. However, it requires a Real Debrid account to stream over 200 titles offered in this service.

Seren is another popular Kodi addon and largely depends on premium Web scrapers and allows Movies and TV shows streaming. It also uses tools like Real Debrid and Premiumize and provides you with a collection of 4K Movies. If you have an account on any of these, you are going to love using this great service. Another thing about Seren is that it is beta and provides plenty of updates, and provides both movies and TV shows. All you need is to tap on the title and select the quality, including 4K, to enjoy the movie.

ReleaseBB is relatively the latest Kodi Addon which revolves around movies and TV shows. It is the product of a very famous developer who has worked a lot for movie lovers.  And now he has developed this great Addon for the Kodi community, which offers you a large library of movies and TV shows.  This Addon offers movies in almost 14 categories, and they have divided movies on video quality which, means that 4K UHD is also available. However, it depends on the quality of your internet connection; you can also watch 1080p and 720p movies.

It allows users to stream Movies, TV shows, Cartoons, Documentaries, YouTube Video Music, and more. This is also the latest Kodi Addon which replaced 13Clowns Video and also provided 4K content. You can access over 150 titles on this article, and you can watch it with your Real Debrid account without any hassle.

As the name suggests, it offers you limitless content to stream like Movies, TV shows, cartoons, Live Sports  IPTV channels, and more. It is a product of a company knows as  Luxury, which is entirely new.  The best thing about this service is, they have provided subcategories to provide you more narrow choices. You can watch 4K content if you have a Real Debrid account, and it provides more than 90 4K movies, so you must give it a try.

We have placed it on our list because Scrubs v2 is a decent Kodi Addon that brings movies, TV shows, IPTV, documentaries, and much more. Though its 4K section is not efficient as other addons on this list still scrubs will begin to scan the Web for available sources. So you can browse movies in 4K quality without hassling around.

It is the last name in our list of best running 4k Kodi Addons which brings so many Movies, TV shows, Music, Documentaries, Radio for users. Last but not least, The Magic Dragon addon is a famous Addon and considered the king of content; it works similar to The Pyramid. When you enter the Movies section, you will see a separate section for 4K films. The Magic Dragon offers you all the content on the home screen in different categories, and there are over 150 titles available which make it superior to others.


We have created a list of best running 4k Kodi Addons that are doing quite well for users in recent times. Users can choose any of them depending on their interests and requirements, as all of them offer different types of content. Send us your suggestions and feedback the next time. Goodbye!

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