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Top 5 Spotify Alternatives

Spotify Alternatives

Music is loved by all. It is the best thing that nature has given us. Music is in everything if you are eager to listen to it. You can find music even in a drop of water falling from the roof, from birds chirping also.

There are various music apps that are available in Android phones that can definitely give you the pleasure of listening to music. But various problems are also associated with these android apps like annoying ads, buffering problems, etc.

I personally feel that Spotify is not so good app as compared to others who are offering music. It is sometimes full of annoying ads that don’t allow you to skip it, consists of limited tracks or playlists and so on.

The cons of Spotify can be listed as follows:

  1. It is available in a limited number of countries, for me, it is the biggest flaw of this music streaming service.
  2. Spotify also lacks its own lyrics feature like sometimes we are not able to understand some words in the music so we search for its lyrics and if you had Spotify then you will definitely be disappointed.
  3. Money matters for everyone. If you want to enjoy Spotify premium services then you need to pay a big price, at least $120 per year that can be almost equal to 12-14 albums that you can buy from a vendor shop also.
  4. It is full of irritating ads also. The same ad is repeated several times and I know it will irritate you to the next level.

But don’t worry, music lovers, you can also choose Spotify premium app alternatives that are giving tough competition to their contenders. Here are some of the awesome music app that you can use to replace Spotify-

  1. YouTube music
  2. Deezer
  3. Tidal
  4. Sound cloud
  5. Music up

So, let’s discuss them one by one;

1.   YouTube Music:

YouTube is the most renowned and trusted app all over the world whether it’s for watching videos or playing music. This app is giving very tough competition to the other app available. It can provide you with almost every type of songs be it in Hindi, English or in other languages. The categories of the song are also very well defined and are placed in a definite position so they can be accessed very quickly.

It can give you access to all YouTube versions of the song, this is probably the best feature of this app. The free version of this app consists of some ads but these are not worthless.


  1. Along with this, you can also have access to all YouTube version.
  2. It consists of a huge library of songs of every genre and from every artist.


The free version of YouTube may contain some ads.

2- Deezer:

This the French streaming music site that is one of the oldest music streaming platforms and consists of almost 53 million licensed tracks. Isn’t it amazing guys! There is much similarity between Spotify and Deezer but I think Deezer offers the best sound quality as compared to Spotify.

The best thing about Deezer is that it is available in almost many countries in the world. The shuffled playing of this app may be sometimes disturbing but the offline mode can give you relief of playing music without spending your data.


  1. The interface of this music app is very amazing.
  2. Regular updating is also available in this app.


Only shuffle playing is available in this app.

3- Tidal:

This is the perfect choice for music lovers as it offers unique benefits like high fidelity audio streaming quality so that you can play it in uncompressible files with CD quality also. And if you have a good speaker or a headphone then you will definitely love listening to music through tidal.


MQA (Master Quality Authentication) facility available.


Not any.

4- Sound cloud.

This music player is one of the oldest platforms that is offering music to various music devotees for a very long time. It is specially designed for audiophiles. Musicians also love the Sound Cloud. It allows you to record your own singing skills too.


  1. A huge variety of songs are available in the Sound cloud so you can enjoy it according to your mood.


Forgoing premium you will need extra money.

5- MusicUp.

This is one of the simplest and easiest apps to use instead of Spotify. The karaoke version of this app is very amazing. The good thing about the MusicUp is that the playlists are subdivided into various categories according to your mood.


  1. Playlists are well defined.


Limited stations are available but more than Spotify.

Final note:

Every music app is good in its own way. The listed alternative is very best for you to want to opt-out of Spotify. Also, use your very own skill to understand the difference between them and enjoy, feel and love the music.