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TV Shows to Binge-Watch Round the Year

TV Shows to Binge-Watch

If you don’t think that each TV show reminds us of a specific time of the year, then you can’t sit with me! Allow me to explain to you what we actually mean by that. Of course, you must’ve watched Home Alone. There’s always that one movie or show that reminds us of Christmas, no? Maybe it’s the art direction, or maybe it’s the plot – there surely is something in that movie that takes us to the festivities of the holiday season. However, some shows need no specific season to be watched in. It doesn’t matter if it is summer or fall, you can watch these TV shows at any time of the year you want.

So call your internet service providers to discuss what apt internet and TV packages they have for you because after listing down the TV shows that you can binge-watch. Spectrum are offering various on-demand movies and TV shows. So here we go:

1. Arrested Development

The story revolves around a super-rich family that after getting alleged of committing a fraud, goes completely broke. George Bluth Sr. (played by Jeffrey Tambor) ends up in prison. The story takes you through the struggling and unwilling ways George’s son, Michael tries to keep the family tied together. Although the last season that aired in 2013, had failed to meet the expectations of the fans, but that doesn’t mean you should keep yourself deprived of watching the first three seasons.

2. Breaking Bad

Who hasn’t heard of Breaking Bad? This show is by the far the one that has bagged massive critical acclamation from around the world. The story revolves around Walter White, who is a high school Chemistry teacher and how his diagnosis with Lung Cancer adds to his already-filled-with-struggles life. He plans to partner with Aaron Paul, who he asks to prepare Crystal Meth, so they could sell it to make ends meet.

3. Black Mirror

If you’re into shows that leave you all confused and worried but wanting for more, then add Black Mirror to your binge-watching list. The show is packed with weird happenings that would leave you with a boggled-mind, but guaranteed to keep you hooked. With 22 episodes stretched across all the 5 seasons, we would advise you to avoid binge-watching them all at once. That would give your brain too much stressful information to process. The story of Black Mirror is basically a depiction of what happens in our society and how people cause damage to the ones around them.

4. Broadchurch

Originally a British, this show took a noticeable time to reach its American audience, but when it did, people just couldn’t stop thanking their lucky stars. The story is about S two detectives who are out on a hunch to find out the murderers of a 12-year-old boy that took place in a small town. The peculiar thing about this town is that everybody’s a suspect. The twists and turns in the plot are really well thought out, so one thing’s for sure, you’re not going to get bored of this, ever.

5. Gilmore Girls

Nothing like a good old classic! When it comes to being a show that delivers everything in a single package, Gilmore Girls knows no bounds. Meeting with the challenges of everyday life, Gilmore Girls revolves around friendships, love interests and more. The drama paces quickly through several situations and has nothing but exceptionally written dialogues.

6. Catastrophe

Although it might seem like a been-there, done-that kind of a story, but when it’s mixed with just the right amount of jokes and sarcastic puns – you have to watch it! Catastrophe revolves around a couple that accidentally end up expecting a baby. Just don’t watch this show around your kids, as it is packed with a lot of adult jokes and puns. With only 18 episodes to watch, your weekend is guaranteed to be in good hands.

7. Chewing Gum

Hands down, if there’s any show that is sure to keep us laughing for hours, then it has got to be Chewing Gum. The story revolves around a 24 year old woman who is trying really, really hard to lose her virginity, but instead she ends up finding herself in knee-deep trouble and a whole lot of embarrassment.

8. Bob’s Burgers

Oh look, there’s an animated one on our list too! The story revolves around Bob Belcher who runs a burger joint with his family. What keeps the plot going are the struggles Bob and his family faces to keep the restaurant running, with their only loyal customer who is an undertaker, by their side. Also, not to mention the bone-tickling fart jokes, sarcastic puns, and a whole lot of family love. Binge-watch it over the weekend or during the weekdays – whenever you like. Bob’s Burgers is nonetheless the funniest show that is sure to pull you out of the unwanted everyday-stress you deal with.

9. House of Cards

And the last one in the list, we have for you, is House of Cards. It is rumored that this show is originally the one that really set up the whole idea of binge-watching. Well, we don’t blame it. With the storyline that is sure to keep you hooked, you would never want to quit pressing the ‘next episode’ button, ever! The story includes a political setup and revolves around a congressman, the President of the United States and the Secretary of the State, as they deal with everyday situations with cunningness and revenge. Thus, if you have a thing for political plots, then this show might just be the one for you to binge-watch.

Nothing unwinds a stressful and tired mind like a good TV show. Since binge-watching has become a thing lately, you can use all your weekends to transport into a new fictitious world. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? So what are you waiting for? The time for you to turn into a couch-potato for the weekend has arrived!


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