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Top 9 Best Free Cad Software You Can Download In 2020

free cad software

Free cad software is an essential tool to have in many enterprises to minimize fatal flaws in the style that might appear during production. If you’re in an industry that relies a lot on CAD tools, you probably already know that getting an excellent CAD software application can be quite expensive. And if you are a student who is just beginning to dip your toes into CAD software, this will be an issue.

Top 9 Best Free Cad Software You Can Download In 2020

In this article, you can know about free cad software  here are the details below;

There is, however, a 2nd option: free alternative CAD software. We have done the legwork and tried to find the 10 CAD software application that you can try for free now to designs your next 2D illustration or 3D modeling project. You can also view best webcam software.

Here are but simply 10 of this software application, and the links to download them for whichever os you are presently on. If you understand more, do share them with us in the comments area.

9 Free 3D Modeling Software to Download

3D-modeling tools assist turn private concepts into gorgeous designs and models for a range of fields.


Sculptris is an expert yet free 3D modeling program made by one market 3D specialist, Pixologic. You can use it to quickly design your variation of a troll, dragon, or even Godzilla itself through their abundant sculpting toolset.

If you’re bad at messing around with the geometry and polygons to develop your surface, worry not, because Sculptris’s surface area includes many triangles that are automatically constructed into your 3D model surface.

This app supports Window’s and macOS.

SketchUp Make

One of the most famous 3D modeling softwares, SketchUp Make, is utilized mainly for architectural purposes and in some cases for other specific niches in the 3D design market.

If you’re trying to find a complete 3D modeling software application for your expert career with all the tools included, minus the prices tag, then SketchUp is for you.

This app supports Window’s and macOS.


DraftSight is a free cad software the 2D CAD editor that benefits professional CAD users, trainees, and teachers, especially if you require to create, edit, and view your task in the native DWG file format.

It features a great set of features that allows you to produce professional-looking strategies using lines, polylines, measurements, text, and others. The interface is relatively dulls, but this may interest those who choose a minimalist and simple CAD software application.

This app supports Window’s, macOS, Ubuntu, and Fedora.


This task is 100% open source and is aimed directly at mechanical engineering, and product design. However, it also can be used for architecture or another engineering market that relies a lot on the parametric 3Ds modeler.

Although it is open source and free, free cad software is on par with other popular CAD programs due to its ability to create genuine 3D solids, support for meshes, 2D preparing, right-hand man coordinate system, and many more features.

The program itself is very modular, where you can choose advanced extensions and modifications. Also you can check best audio editor software.

This app supports Window’s, macOS, Ubuntu, and Fedora.


For those who wish to works on the specifics, especially engineers, OpenSCAD is your ideal 3D modeling platforms. It does not have interactives modeling for you to create your design but instead relies more on what you specified in the script files’ criteria.

If you’re aiming to construct machine parts instead of developing your next game character, OpenSCAD is the very best fit for that function.

This app supports Windows, macOS, and Linux.


Wish to design your next Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and do not understand where to start? Take a look at KiCAD. KiCAD is a free cad software and open-source PCB design tool that includes a project manager and four primary software such as schematic editor, printed circuit board editor, GERBER file audience, and footprint selector for the component association.

Likewise, there are extra software tools, a 3D viewer to render your PCB in 3D, and two library element editors to enable you to creates or modify schematic and footprint components.

This app supports Window’s, macOS, Linux, and Ubuntu.


QCAD is the application you must use if you’re seeking to produce technical drawings, be it for buildings, mechanical parts, or perhaps schematics and diagrams.

Considering that it is open-source, QCAD’s focus is more on modularity, extensibility, and mobility. However, its 2D CAD platform is powerful yet easy to use even for a newbie who has little to no experiences in CAD applications.s

This app supports Window’s, macOS, and Linux.


Here’s another high-quality 2D-CAD modeling platform, LibreCAD, a user-friendly software application with a lot of high-quality functions consisted of in it. LibreCAD has functions such as breeze to grid for drawing, use of layers, measurements inside your illustration, and plenty others to make your life simpler when you’re drawing on a 2D-CAD platform.

If you discover it tough to get started on LibreCAD, they have included a handbook on their wiki page.

This app supports Windows, macOS, and Linux.


If you’re trying to find other CAD tools that come with full.dwg assistance, nanoCAD is next on the list. Although you can use it free, nanoCAD still comes with lots of advantages that you typically require to pay for at a premium price, such as the famous Command Line tool, BREEZE, and ONSAP, a large number of precision tools, and numerous others that you may find helpful.

Whether you’re simply a novice or already a power user, you will discover nanoCAD, a great alternative. You can also review the best procreate alternative for android.