Top 15 Freshservice Alternatives In 2022


Freshservice is a plug-and-play ITIL-compliant software for IT service desks that eliminates the need for high-priced consultations or professional views. It is a highly regarded cloud-based customer service platform that was established with the goal of empowering businesses to offer the finest customer care. Its fundamental features, such as capable ticketing, asset finding, available knowledge, and CMDB.

More users from all around the world are drawn to the solution since it has features like vendor management, problem management, change management, and release management. It will also be quite effective at identifying and fixing issues before they have any negative effects on the productivity of your company. It connects unexpected occurrences to frequent problems and records all problems in a known-error database until a permanent fix is found.

It is a cloud-based system that can operate efficiently on autopilot, requires no maintenance, and is simple to setup. Primary ticketing, time tracking, IP whitelisting, SLA monitoring, MSP plugin, custom mailbox, and other fundamental features are all included in Freshservice. It features a variable pricing structure that adapts to the size of the company and is based on the requirements of the user.

Top 15 Freshservice Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about freshservice here are the details below;

1. Wrike

Wrike is a well-known project management task management solution. Compared to designing the project, managing the project is a more challenging endeavour. As a result of massive and mega-sized undertakings, managing them and bringing them to fruition is even more difficult. This software, then, combines project management with a live workspace for discussion, collaboration, and data exchange.

Today, hundreds of businesses use it to manage their projects by taking advantage of the benefits of team collaboration. It simply brings together people who are either directly or indirectly involved in a project and enables them to communicate, collaborate, and exchange resources and documents with one another. It will make it more comfortable for everyone to see the project’s performance in real time. Users will perform at their highest level thanks to the deadlines that will be made available to those who are a part of the team. It is integrated with all of the tools that are necessary for project management. This is another freshservice alternative.

2. Basecamp

Basecamp is a fairly sophisticated project management tool that enables management to define the tasks and responsibilities of each participant in the project. Any operating system and browser may simply access it. Additionally, it has built-in email capabilities. Use it to enhance team performance and manage projects more effectively. Also check outreach software

After completing the registration procedure, you will be given access to a private and secure platform for your assignment. You can control every aspect of your project, including tasks, meetings, discussions, deadlines, files, and any other procedures that are directly or indirectly related to it. People who are involved in the project can also be invited, and they can always check on its status. The availability of message boards, comment threads, real-time chat, automatic check-ins, to-do lists, docs & file storage, and a centralised scheduling platform are the main benefits and features of Basecamp.

3. Trello

A highly customised project management tool called Trello has replaced obsolete spreadsheets, post-it notes, and cumbersome software. Use this application to obtain all the information about your project on one platform rather than relying on antiquated methods. Assign jobs to as many individuals as you need by adding them and dragging them to task cards. If your project management software doesn’t give you a flexible way to organise and manage everything, it won’t be adequate.

The nicest thing about Trello is how easily it can be customised to fit any project, team, or process. The project management and individuals involved in the project may see all aspect of their project in one location and in real time by using this web-based platform. The drag and drop functionality of this platform makes the process much simpler by enabling the team members to see the performance.

4. Asana

Project managers may use the web-based project management software Asana to generate tasks rather than emailing team members with requests for assistance. Use it to set up a shared projects environment for your initiatives, meetings, and to-do lists and to organise your activities. This tool has all capabilities required for a project, including a search function, tool integrations, attachments from cloud storage providers, mobile support, a tasks directory, due dates, calendars, and a high-level dashboard.

This is another freshservice alternative. Using this tool, you may begin any project, such as hiring new team members, buying supplies, creating budgets, organising the following annual general meeting, or something else along those lines. You may assign each team member a specific set of tasks that they can see as well. It is preferable to utilise Asana to generate tasks so that other members can readily see them and automatically view them rather than creating separate lists of chores on spreadsheets and mailing them one at a time.

5. Adobe Workfront

The greatest project management tool is Adobe Workfront, which is the ideal choice for marketing teams, IT teams, services teams, and everyone else. Enterprise Work Management is another name for it. Project managers and executives may manage all of your work, projects, and tasks using this web-based application. This platform only includes the tools needed to help the project management team and team members concentrate more on the crucial elements of the project.

A platform called Adobe Workfront enables its users to connect in real-time and take use of the benefits of real-time project management and reporting. Better workflow, job management, real-time work visualisation, accessibility from anywhere, and the availability of a marketing work platform are the core components of this platform.

6. Redmine

Redmine is an adaptable platform for project management that may be used for several projects. It allows its users to construct their own projects because it is cross-platform and cross-database. Project managers will be given easy-to-use project management options after creating projects. One of its main features is the ability to support multiple projects. Other features include flexible role-based access, a tracking system, real-time collaboration, a files management system, support for the use of Gantt charts and calendars, email notification system, time tracking, and many others.

A project has to be adequately managed and developed in order to be successful. Redmine’s support for many projects is its strongest feature since it allows project managers to initiate and manage numerous projects at once. The PMOs have total command and authority over their projects from the planning stage to the completing stage thanks to this project management and team collaboration platform.

7. GanttProject

A free project management tool for setting up tasks and work is called GanttProject. The GanttProject app is simple to use and doesn’t need any other plugins. The advantages and benefits of using GanttProject include the ability to construct task & milestones, arrange tasks in a WBS, generate base likes, and create pert charts. In addition to just generating the tasks, PMOs may give each work a priority by designating a colour, custom field, or text remark so that the team members can concentrate more on the things that need to be completed first. This is another freshservice alternative. Also check claims management software

A hierarchical tree that shows the progress, expenses, deadlines, and results of each project may also be used to arrange the overall activities. That implies that managing many projects is another application for GanttProject. Users can choose to see each project and task in detail or receive an overview of all projects’ performance. The GanttProject also offers a variety of resources and tools for working together.

8. LiquidPlanner

Basically created for IT firms and projects, LiquidPlanner is a multitasking project management tool. Prioritizing, planning, and organising are made simple. It is a platform that can manage every work and customer from one location. The PMOs can simply adjust project dates because to its predictive scheduling engine, which also improves the efficiency of the company. Additionally, this application has an extensive analytics platform, which is typically absent from task and project management systems.

LiquidPlanner is one of the select few project management tools that offers analytics in the form of reports on its dashboard so that PMOs can track and analyse the business’s real-time performance. By leveraging this capability, the project managers may quickly obtain comprehensive insights into the business in a fully customised view system. This application provides predictive scheduling, is constantly updated, provides case estimation based on best and worst case scenarios, portfolio-level planning, and intelligent task management.

9. Easy Redmine

Easy Redmine is a platform for collaborative project management that will improve team performance and increase corporate efficiency. Currently, it offers client management, resource management, issue tracking, solution collaboration, financial management, and issue management. The fact that it is a cross-platform, open-source programme that enables the project manager to use its adjustable features to use it in accordance with the needs of the project and organisation is the finest feature by far. It is specifically made to manage complicated projects that call for simultaneous cooperation from 10 to 100 participants.

This is another freshservice alternative. If you wish to oversee a team’s whole project, Easy Redmine will provide you access to every essential project management tool you need to finish your projects on schedule, within scope, and within budget. The nicest thing about this application is that it enables third-party plugins to increase the working functions in addition to having its own independent architecture of plugins. By using this application, you may access a number of time-saving tools right now for no cost, including a smart Gantt chart, a rapid project planner, project templates, resource management, and many more.

10. ProjectManager

ProjectManager is a project manager who organises projects from simple to sophisticated levels by first developing a plan, then controlling team workload and assigning resources, and last keeping an eye on both team and project performance in real-time. The three primary categories of services provided by this platform are planning, tracking, and reporting. Project managers and executives can work with the other team members to build and share customisable plans in the planning area.

The PMOs may monitor the team members’ real-time performance on the dashboard after developing the plans and allocating everyone tasks and resources. Performance may be tracked in relation to allocated time, materials, money, and the workload of the team. Use ProjectManager and give team members the authority to oversee any number of tasks and projects at once.

11. Active Collab

Active Collab is a platform for task management and team collaboration that gives project managers and executives access to a wide range of functions in one location, including client work management, invoicing project management, and many more. You don’t need to squander time digging through a tonne of emails, spreadsheets, and chat transcripts to get the materials you need. The users of this project management platform have access to a system for monitoring time, projects, and costs as well as for identifying errors as soon as they occur. This is another freshservice alternative.

Active Collab may be used for a variety of project management tasks, whether it involves managing straightforward or intricate projects. The four core service categories are task management, team collaboration, time tracking, and billing. It is a means of continuously maintaining team organisation. There is also a suitable add-ons architecture that enables users to expand the functionality to their own customised integrated tools and functionalities.

12. Huddle

Huddle is a platform for team collaboration and project management used by both corporate and public sector organisations. It enables PMOs and executives to quickly exchange crucial data with collaborators and team members and to create tasks that will ensure proper completion of the work. It is among the greatest cloud-based solutions for team collaboration. The nicest thing about this tool is that it is integrated with resources for practically all firms and agencies, including those in the fields of accountancy and consulting, design, building, and engineering, transportation and utilities, healthcare and life sciences, advertising, and media.

Working with team members from anywhere in the world has never been easier thanks to Huddle. It is a platform for overseeing client projects, keeping papers under control, and safely exchanging material with members of the authorised team. Both the project manager and the authorised team members have access to share and modify files, write comments, assign tasks, track team activity, and keep tabs on the project’s progress. Reports and graphs may be used to track the project’s performance as well.

13. ProjectPier

This is another freshservice alternative. A programme called ProjectPier is used to manage teams, projects, and tasks from a user-friendly interface. Although it may be used to manage a variety of projects, it is especially appropriate for managing group collaborations and web-based projects. It offers project managers a flexible environment for handling initiatives involving the whole company as well as a centralised platform from which they can keep an eye on all team members’ activity.

Software that can fully command and control over projects, tasks, communication and cooperation, file and data sharing, and many other things is available for free. As a cross-platform application, ProjectPier may be used and accessed on any operating system. However, it must be installed on a user’s web server, unlike other project management software. Also check donation software

14. Genbook

With the most practical online scheduling and booking tool, Genbook, you can search, book, and even pay for tens of thousands of local service providers from your PC, smartphone, and tablet. With this all-inclusive application, you can manage your appointments, business, and personnel online while also collecting all the authentic client feedback you need to improve your internet reputation. More than 7.5 million people use this straightforward and user-friendly programme, which supports different languages like English, Spanish, Chinese, and French.

Additionally, Genbook offers fundamental functions like reviewing and tracking client feedback, collecting payments online, satisfying consumers, scheduling web pages, limitless appointments, flexible booking choices, personalised calendars, customer contacts, and all other cutting-edge tools. You must download and install the service on your device before using it. Once the installation is complete, you may effortlessly use all of its features without any restrictions. Every price plan offered by Genbook has its own features and price. Try it out; you’ll be astounded at everything this fascinating platform has to offer.

15. Mindbody

A club management tool called Mindbody helps health and wellness businesses run their markets and businesses more successfully. The solution aids in the automation of office chores including payroll processing, payment collecting, confirmations, and rescheduling. The company can keep in touch with their customers and incorporate promotions at the point of sale thanks to the software’s user-friendly interface and efficient marketing capabilities. It enables initiating loyalty programmes, promotions, and gift card creation. By giving organisations the tools they require to successfully manage their resources and automate their business processes, the solution aids in their expansion. This is another freshservice alternative.

One of the finest features of this application is that it enables customers to schedule appointments at their leisure using a mobile device, while keeping track of their visits and payment information in a single, simple-to-manage profile. Its marketing tools let you target the correct audience and then monitor your campaign’s progress. Along with many other noteworthy features, Mindbody also provides online booking, an online store, point of sale (POS), payroll, auto-billing, promotions, gift cards, and more. has a straightforward user interface. Overall, compared to other cloud management tools, this one is among the finest.

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