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15 Incredible Free Marketing Tools For Instagram You Must Use



Instagram is not only a great tool to share your memories with your loved ones it is also a wonderful marketing tool. But to be successful as marketers on Instagram, you need certain third-party tools. Here in this article, we have mentioned at least 15 amazing tools to help you out with your Instagram marketing.

These free Instagram tools allow us to save as much time as possible managing our brands and making our life easier as digital marketers.


Layout is an application that allows you to make photomontages or collages to give free rein to your creativity on Instagram. With Layout, you can assemble up to nine photos with one or more borders in horizontal or vertical. Delineations that you can move, to zoom in, zoom out, or crop photos. Once your composition is finished, Layout invites you to share your work on Instagram, of course, on Facebook etc.

InstaSave Online

Sometimes you like a video or photo in someone else’s feed and want to share that photo or video with your followers but there is no re-post option in Instagram. All you can do is to download that video or photo and share it on your own Instagram feed.InstaSaveOnline is a great tool to download any video or photo from someone else’s Instagram feed.

All you have to do is copy the URL of that video or Photo and paste it in the text field on Instasaveonline.com website. Click on the proceed button and you will be presented with a new page showing the download button next to the video or photo. Please make sure to give credit to the real owner of the video or photo.


Create a video for stories with texts and effects, even if you do not know how to mount. The service has templates and detailed instructions. In a few minutes, you’ll make a simple and attractive video for use in your account or to start advertising.

Photo Editor by Aviary

Aviary is a photo editing app for mobile devices that offers you dozens of methods to enhance, decorate and apply unique effects with a single touch, and then share your creations instantly with your friends.

It can fine-tune your photos with a full range of sophisticated filters and one-touch tools to adjust lighting, focus, and color. It also allows you to remove stains and clear whites with a single touch. You can also customize the images with fun stickers, frames, and overlays using Photo Editor by Aviary.

Link My Photos

There can be only one active link in the account. This is inconvenient for stores that have a lot of goods. The Link My Photos tool solves this problem: it creates a copy of the account, where you can read the details about each product and even buy a thing directly from the interface. Link to this photo put in the description and automate orders in Instagram.


Canva is a great application to get your inner artist out without having to have any special expertise. Canva allows you to create the best possible images in the easiest way. Canva offers various effects, icons, picture frames, stickers and more. You no longer have a justification to not give a special touch to your feed.

A Color Story

A Color Story is an exceptional image editing tool for your phone and especially for Instagram. Make your photos more colorful with just a few taps. The app offers more than 100 cool effects and filters to make your photos extraordinary.

The app is simply gorgeous and the UI is super easy and fluid to navigate.

The basic version is free if you like it may be worth investing in some of its filter and effects packages, which cost between $ 0.99 and $ 2.99.


Convert videos from your iPhone into black and white HD videos and extraordinary music video clips.

The most complete black and white video editor in the App Store. It will transport you to different stages of the film industry (from the 20s to the 80s) and you will have a lot of tools to create really amazing dumb videos, homemade videos of jipi style, videos of children’s parties, music video clips or simply play the videos of your iPhone as if they had been recorded in an original 8 mm camera.

Available for iPhone and Android.


Another application for Instagram videos that works on both Android and IOS is InShot.

InShot is my favorite video editing tool for iOS and Android. The app makes it really easy for you to edit your videos on the fly. The app lets you combine different videos, trim videos and adjust your speed. The app also offers different cool video filters for Instagram and you can also add sound effects. It also allows you to add emojis and color borders to videos.

One feature I like the most in this app is the way it converts your portrait videos into horizontal by adding a blurry effect surrounding the portrait video on the left and right side.

Free management tools for Instagram: 

These free tools for Instagram help you to have an active presence without complicating your life too much.


This service will greatly simplify the work with followers: you will be able to see all those who have followed or unfollowed from your profile, create white/blacklists and even find customers who are exactly interested in your business by analyzing the subscribers’ tapes of profiles with similar themes.


Repost is a mobile application that allows you to browse the content of your Instagram, and re-publish that content that interests you, giving prominence to the person who uploaded the image.

It gives you the option to like, comment or repost an image to share it with your users, giving you the option to include


Hootsuite is a good tool for planned posting, monitoring your audience and its preferences. You can publish posts on several social networks at the same time. The application supports not only Instagram but also Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and others.

It allows you to create posts in Instagram for a day, week or a month and indicate when they should be published. It also analyzes the behavior of the audience, keep track of brand mentions, and customize streams with the geolocation of your company.


This scheduled posting program only acts as a notifier, it will not publish the photo itself. Set day/time when you need not forget to make a post, and wait for the notification on the smartphone.

In addition, you can use powerful analytical functionality. It allows you to track likes, clicks, and the number of followers.

It also helps you organize visual content. You can choose how the photos will be placed in the profile, rearrange posts, plan the perfect color scheme. There is a free version that allows you to schedule up to 30 posts in Instagram per month.


A widget for adding pictures from Instagram to the site. It’s easy to set up and install, and posts look neat on the page.

Use the built-in social networking features and tools from the list to create original and effective advertising campaigns.

creates an Instagram widget that you can add to your website and use to attract visitors to your account; For example, you can have them follow you or see a specific post to enter the contest.

Free Analysis Tools for Instagram

You already know the saying: information is power! These Instagram marketing tools help you know what’s happening with your account and analyze your environment.


Iconosquare is the Swiss knife of Instagram. Although it also offers amazing features to manage your Instagram accounts, in this case, I found it more appropriate to place it among the analytical tools. This powerful application is great to analyze the best time to publish, analyze your followers (who follows you and has stopped following you), the engagement of your account or publications, the most used hashtags, the growth rate you have in a period determined or promote your account outside the social network.


Websta lets you know your followers. With Websta you will be able to see who your followers and followings are, identify content or the most popular users (categorized by famous women, comedians, athletes, etc.), as well as latest trends on Instagram. 

Websta even delivers a list of the 100 most used hashtags in real time, which will allow you to find the Instagrammers who use these hashtags. It has a tidy dashboard which is easy to use.






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