5 Promising Ways to Learn Java Programing Language


A few proven ways to learn Java or any programming language from scratch.

So, you have decided to become a Java programmer. A few questions arise in everyone’s mind “How to start learning Java? How to choose a training program? How to learn Java and gain experience? ”.

Today there are many ways to learn something, and programming is no exception. In addition to the classical methods of self-study and offline programming courses, there are currently a lot of online Java courses, trainings, both free and paid.

But which one is the most efficient way to learn java development? Which way should you choose to move forward with your computer programming endeavor? We have identified the most popular ways to learn programming in Java or any computer programing language.

5 Efficient Ways to Learn Java Programming Language

    1. Self-study.

The advantage of this method of training is that you yourself can plan absolutely all aspects of your training. What, where, how and when to learn.

The disadvantage is that not everyone will have enough willpower to master every aspect of Java programming on their own by reading a bunch of books, get enough practical experience and not give up at the beginning. Most people get frustrated and give up on their goal to become a Java developer. In addition, everyone will have doubts: “Am I doing it the right way?”.

    2. Free online course.

The advantage of this method of training is, of course, the cost. It simply does not have a cost, except your time and effort, all materials are free and this is a huge plus. There are number of great online courses available on Youtube and other platforms.

The disadvantage is that the number of people able to share really valuable content is negligible. Well, these days, technologies are developing quite quickly, so it is difficult to imagine that a person has enough time to update the content.

    3. Offline training.

The advantage of this study of Java programming is that you can communicate with the teacher live. In addition, in a class there is a small community of your colleagues with whom you can discuss your questions and their solutions.

The disadvantage is that, as a rule, such courses are not at the most convenient time for everyone. If the time of the class fits well with your schedule then well enough, if not, you have to make a place for your class in your schedule. In addition, the time spent on the way back and forth can be quite significant. Moreover, the course price includes the cost of renting the premises, equipment and materials for training.

    4. Personal coaching / mentoring.

The advantage of this method of learning Java or another programming language is that you can find yourself an experienced mentor who will work with you personally, prepare individual tasks for you, review your code and point out your mistakes.

The only drawback is that the time of an experienced mentor is worth a lot, and finding a person who agrees to give you so much attention is not always easy.

    5. Paid Online Courses

Another way to learn Java code is through paid online courses. These courses are offered by professional teaching academies who have highly skilled instructors available to teach you how to code in Java or any programming language.

The advantage of such courses is that you get to learn from instructors who have a ton of coding experience and are up to date with the latest technology advancements in programming. It’s their full-time job to teach students like you how to code. They update their courses regularly to meet the latest programming standards. You can also interact with the instructor if you don’t understand anything or get stuck while coding.

There are a number of online Java training options available on the internet. You can choose whichever you like. ‘Develop Intelligence’, Udemy, and Lynda are a few very trusted and popular websites when it comes to learning online. I prefer ‘Develop intelligence’ when it comes to learning Java as they have a huge number of Java learning courses customized for different groups of people. Choose the one which suits you.