5 Useful Techniques To Improve QI Car Charger Efficiency

Since the late 19th century, wireless charging is showing its best features. Based on the electromagnetic principle, the electrical signals are conveyed from the transmitter to a receiver coil in order to recharge your phone battery.  

The efficiency of a charger depends upon the quality of a charger you are using to infuse the energy into a phone battery. In other words, efficiency is defined as the power that is being used to charge the phone battery.  

Higher the charging efficiency, the longer will be the battery life. 

The Qi Wireless Car Charger is the smartest and improved version of a wireless charger. It is a universal standard, compatible with multiple devices. But still, you can improve the charging efficiency if you follow 5 useful techniques. So here they are. 

  1. Meanwhile, Android, as well as the iPhone, have a feature called airplane mode. Before placing a phone on the charging mat, turn on airplane mode to avoid any incoming calls. After a moment you will realize the charging efficiency is improved as compared to charge a phone battery by turning off the same mode.    
  2. Generally, a phone case is good for a mobile set as it protects a device from external damage but have you observed it might create a barrier in the charging. Sometimes, a phone case is made up of a material that restricts electrical signals to transfer between TX and RX coils. The best option is to remove the case to enhance charging speed.
  3. The most essential technique to heal the charging power is to place a phone in between EMF. Most of the people have gone through the charging problem when they drop a phone on a charging pad but somewhere at the edge of it. As a result, the signals are not in a situation to build a stronger connection between charger and phone battery.
  4. It is very hard for phone users to leave a cell phone for a moment. Frequently they use it when connected with a wired charger and they forget it can detrimental phone battery. The alternate solution to enhance the efficiency of the QI charger is to leave a phone without disturbing until it completes the charging. If you follow this instruction, your phone gets charged within three and half hour at the use of 5watt charger. 
  5. Before testing the efficiency of a charger, it is substantial to verify the real brand. As many manufacturers are in the market to promote their fake charger by using the Qi logo. This is because they are using low-quality components and they are hiding it under the Qi sticker to increase the sales of their fake products. 

Wireless power transfers never be as efficient as a wired charger but the present efficiency rate of a wireless car charger can be improved by going through this article. This is new technology and over time, it will be refined.  

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