6 Best Universal Free Online File Converter For PC and Smartphones


There are dozens (if not hundreds) of different file formats on the computer and smartphones for different file types. It happens quite often that you download a file from the internet but it turns out that your computer or smartphone does not support it. If you end up in a situation like that you have two options, either download a software which supports that particular file format or convert that file into a different file format.

There are a number of free and paid software services which offers seamless file conversions but then again, you have to download and install those file conversion software which is an irritating task. Even some of those file conversion software applications will cost you money.

However, there are certain online file conversion services which can be used free of cost and they will convert any file with ease without downloading any software. Those online file conversion applications work on a remote server. Below we have listed a number of free online file conversion services which will get your job done without costing a penny.

Best Free Online File Conversion Services

Online Convert Free

Online Convert Fee (, as the name suggests, is a free online file converter. It is my personal favorite for its easy to use and beautiful looking UI. It offers multiple filetypes conversions. With a simple drag and drop design, this free online converter is very easy to use even for those who are not very much familiar with computers. This web application allows you to convert, audios, images, documents, books, and even zipped archives. Unfortunately, there is no video file conversion support just yet but I am hopeful and the video file conversion is also coming soon.



Zamzar can convert almost anything. The service supports 1,200 types of conversions. Here is a short list of available formats: PDF, DOC, FLAC, MP3, AVI, MP4. There are less common ones like XPS or AIFF. To send files to the service, you need your mailing address. However, for several years of using Zamzar, not a single letter of spam has come from there.



This service has one major advantage over the others i.e after the conversion, it can save the files to the cloud. The service is supported by Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box. The list of formats is also considerable. There are more than 200 of them.


A web service that looks like Windows 98 and yet still does its job perfectly. ‘Convert.Files’ does not require any contact information from the user. But if you want to get a link to the converted files, you’ll have to enter the mail address. Or wait for the end of the process on the page.



The services mentioned above offers fast conversion. But, if something needs to be altered too, it is better to use Online-Convert. Depending on the file type, the service offers to trim it, change the bitrate or rotate the image. You can also upload files from Google Drive or Dropbox.

The service is free, but with a file size limit of up to 100 megabytes. If you need to convert a larger file, you have to buy access for 24 hours or a subscription for a month.



Most often it is necessary to convert the PDF-format. Smallpdf works both ways. But its functionality extends further. The service can merge files, split them and remove the password from the locked file. SmallPDF has a clean modern look just like the

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