7 Crazy Gadgets Introduced at CES 2019, No.2 Is Really Cute


A cat food bowl with face, a smart toilet with a built-in voice assistant and a cute robot that begins to pout when he sees you play with another robot … We put the craziest gadgets from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 in a row.

Brush teeth in 10 seconds

In 2017, we saw the Unico smart brush: a nozzle with brushes and electronics with which you could brush your teeth within three seconds. A nice idea, but according to the latest update on the Indiegogo page of Unico, the smart brush has not gone beyond the prototype stage.

At the CES, the French FasTeesH is now working on the Y-Brush: a slightly comparable product that allows you to clean your teeth in ten seconds. Five seconds for the bottom, and five for the top. FasTeesH promises that the Y-Brush will be delivered in April.

Japanese hug robot Lovot

The Japanese Groove X comes with perhaps the cutest robot ever: the Lovot. The robot, moving on wheels through your living room, is designed to be cuddled. The big cartoon eyes make sure you pick up the Lovot quickly. If you do not do that, the robot starts waving its small arms to draw your attention.

The device is equipped with pressure sensors, allowing the Lovot to respond to touches. For example, the robot can fall asleep when you cuddle the device properly. But, beware, if the Lovot sees that you pay a lot of attention to another Lovot, the robot begins to pout.

For the time being, the Lovot is only for sale in Japan. The Lovot is certainly not cheap with a price of 598,000 yen (4,800 euros).

Cat feeder with face recognition

Do you have cats that eat from each other’s food bowl? Then the Mookkie smart pet bowl from the Italian Volta may offer a solution. The food bowl is equipped with a camera that scans an approaching cat and uses artificial intelligence to determine whether this is the cat that is allowed to eat from the relevant bin.  The smart feeder also sends images of your eating cat so that you can see if there are enough chunks.

Smart toilet with voice assistant Alexa

Alexa was previously built into a microwave and a clock. Now you can also use Amazons voice assistant to operate your intelligent toilet (weird). The Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet from Kohler also offers heated toilet seat, built-in speakers and interactive lighting. So, what’s next? the version 2 will also wash your butt and send you pictures of it so that you can see if it has been cleaned properly?

Sony speaker with beer glass holders.

The GTK-PG10 speaker from Sony is ideal for a party or barbecue. It comes with a rechargeable battery which allows you to play 13 hours of music. The music can be streamed via Bluetooth from your smartphone. In addition, the speaker includes an FM tuner so you can also listen to the radio. But what makes the speaker really special is the built-in beer glass holders on the fold-out top. According to Sony, that top surface can withstand some moisture, and is also easy to clean.

Oven with augmented reality

Whirlpool shows CES a concept oven that is equipped with a 27-inch screen on the oven door. Through that screen, you can view your agenda and recipes. The oven is also capable of combining those two with each other. If the device sees that you have little time for dinner, it suggests simple recipes that you can quickly prepare. Thanks to augmented reality, the oven can also tell you which oven rack and which oven program you should use. With the help of an ‘internal vision system, you can zoom in on the oven dish to see how it stands with your meal.

Smart boxing gloves

Do not want to go to the gym? With the FightCamp home studio, consisting of boxing gloves, a punching bag, trackers and a floor mat, you can also get started at home. With the trackers, you keep track of how often you hit. The information is passed on to an iOS app that counts down time and offers a whole series of training sessions. For the time being the gloves are only available in the US.