Best Free And Paid VPN Services For PC, Mac & Smartphone


Which VPN Service Provider Should You Choose? We have tested a number of interesting services that make you anonymous online and allow you to access foreign services and blocked sites.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is both the name of networking technology and a type of service offered today by hundreds of companies around the world. It’s about creating an encrypted connection to a server and then letting the internet traffic pass through it, instead of going straight to a website.

Companies often have their own VPN servers that employees need to connect in order to access shared resources when they are not in the office. Home users often subscribe to a third party VPN service accessible via a VPN Client.

There are many reasons to get a VPN subscription, but here are the most important ones:

  • Integrity protection – to avoid interception and tracking.
  • Get around geoblocking – for example, watch Netflix on vacation outside the US.
  • Security – to surf safely on open wireless networks.
  • Network neutrality – to get around an operator’s discriminatory treatment of different types of traffic.

In this article, all but one service has its own program for both Windows and Mac, and in many cases, there are also mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Big price differences and discounts

The difference in price between one month with the most expensive service and the lowest monthly price for a long prepaid subscription is huge. In terms of speed and basic safety, all services in the test are clearly approved and do not differ widely, and therefore the price becomes one of the most important points when we will rank the services.

Pricing is also very different in other ways. Mullvad has a single price no matter when you buy and for how long you buy, while Cyberghost has a particularly low price for those who buy seven (!) Years. Others end up somewhere in between.

Very Few Can Check All The Boxes When it Comes to Tracking Safety

If tracking protection is important to you, the VPN service selection immediately becomes significantly smaller. Searching for the keyword “best VPN for privacy” gives you a lot of results, but it’s almost impossible to know which blogs and sites have been sponsored by companies behind the services unless it’s about consumer protection organizations and reputable technology sites.

On the site, a person who calls himself That One Privacy Guy compiled a list of about 150 large and small VPN services and how they stand in areas such as privacy, security and business ethics. Of those, there are only nine that are approved or approved on all points. Of the services we have tested Cyberghost and Nordvpn have the highest level of privacy but lack a number of other points.

Facts: Then we tested

For starters, we have chosen services that are quite large and popular, and do not cost too much. We have assumed the review from to ensure that no shady services come near you when it comes to privacy and security.  Most of the services work support Netflix.

The test itself has been done in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update with all other programs turned off.  

Speed without VPN: 110 Mbit/s, 9ms on

What is VPN?

Most people who have spent time on the internet in the last twenty years have heard about VPN, Virtual Private Network, but how many people know what it really is? The abbreviation gives vibes of complicated corporate IT or perhaps of mysterious anonymization tools for hackers and paranoids, but in fact, it’s very easy. Not to mention useful, in many different contexts.

Basically, a VPN is a group of computers in a larger network that talk to each other with encrypted traffic. When you connect to a VPN with an application on your computer (either a separate application or VPN feature in your operating system) it takes over your network traffic and you become part of this group.

Because traffic is encrypted, no third party can see what you’re talking about. It works like you have your own small mini network, even though you use the same cables and routers as the rest of the internet. Hence the name.

The computers in a VPN network then consist of two types; clients (end users like you and me) and servers.

A server may have different features, but the most common in a VPN is to be a so-called gateway. It can talk to both the VPN network and the external network. If you are logged in to a VPN, you will access the rest of the internet via one of these gateways.

A VPN can be used for many purposes. Companies often use VPN to safely let employees access the company’s internal network including file directories, mail servers, even printers – which can only be accessed if you’re on the local network behind their firewall.

To put it simply, a VPN is yours and your friend’s (or as in the case above, your employer’s) computer that connects to each other. But lately, there has been a plethora of public VPN services that let you surf anonymously and safely at a small fee, or in some cases free but usually with limited functionality, bandwidth or data volume.

For individuals, a VPN is useful for other things. Most obviously, for those who for various reasons want to surf without leaving a lot of digital tracks behind. Sites do not see your IP number, just the IP number of the gateway you browse. First, the sites you browse cannot see where you are from, and your ISP can not see what you are browsing.

It is not necessary that you have something illegal or embarrassing to hide hence you are using a VPN. If you are on a network, maybe at work, or on a public Internet with strict rules, they may have blocked certain sites or network protocols. For example, social media, or BitTorrent traffic. Then a VPN is a way to get around that restriction.

Extra Security

VPN also provides an extra layer of security if you surf an open wifi, such as in a cafe or hotel. Because all your traffic is encrypted, it becomes much more difficult, if not impossible, for those who want to sneak on network traffic and hack unprotected computers on an open network.

The thing that your IP number is hidden has another interesting feature. This means that the sites you browse and the online services you connect to do not have a clue about where in the world you are. 

If you set your gateway to London, you look like a British. If it is set to Moscow, the sites believe that you are in Russia.  If you play online games and want to log in to the same servers as your friends in another country, it can also be a solution.

Even more useful when sites and services block access for foreign IP addresses. For example, video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC Iplayer and Amazon Prime. Even single Youtube videos may be blocked in some countries. Then VPN with a server in the right country can be a way to get around it. However, it does not always work. Netflix and some other media services nowadays do not allow you to use VPN to access them, but also block native IP addresses from well-known VPN vendors.

Best Premium VPN Services For PC & Mac Computers



Anonine is one of three tested services that we get to work with Netflix it is significantly more expensive than the other two.

According to ThatOnePrivacySite, Anonine is not as safe as other tested services but still performs well on the integrity front. Mac users should look up as there is no program there, which means you have to make manual settings and it is both tangible and complicated. In order to use the OpenVPN protocol, you must also install the Tunnelblick program and then the speed will be lower.

However, the windows application is easy to use but lacks advanced features, especially a kill switch that can block all network access if the VPN connection is suddenly interrupted. For those who need VPN for strong privacy, Anonine is, therefore, a bad choice.

Name: Anonine
Facts and Measurements:  About 50 servers in 33 countries. 85 Mbit/s, response time: 53 ms.
Other:  No special features
Price:  $6.99 / month for one month, $5.99 / month for 3 months or $3.99 / month for one year.

Download Anoine here


  • Works with American Netflix


  • Lowest security in the test.
  • No kill switch.
  • For Mac users: No program



Cyberghost lacks some security features that several of the competitors on the list have, but still have high security and good privacy protection. The program is unique so you can choose where to connect based on what you want to do without having the technical details. Want to see a British dancer on BBC Iplayer? Click on the connect button and enjoy the program. It’s easy, but in our test, unfortunately, it does not work with Netflix, even though Cyberghost claims it will do it.

Name: Cyberghost
Facts and Measurements: 1300+ servers in 52 countries. 89
Mbit/s, response time: 48 ms.
Other: Kill switch
Price: One week free. Then $11.99 / month for one month, $5.99 / month for one year, $3.50 / month for two years,  or $2.75 / month for three years.

Download Cyberghost here


  • Cheapest in the test if you buy a long subscription
  • Many servers in many countries.


  • Does not work with Netflix even though the company claims it does
  • Chaotic pricing

Express VPN


One of the largest and most popular VPN services worldwide is Express VPN. The company has aggressive marketing and it is difficult to know what reviews we can rely on. In any case, the service is clearly approved for both privacy and security.

Express VPN is a favorite among China travelers who need to circumvent that country’s regulated internet traffic. Naturally, we have not been able to go to China just to test this, but there are many testimonies that it is one of the best performing services. If you are going to China, keep in mind that you must have obtained the service and installed the program before you leave.

The program has a built-in kill switch, can block ipv6 traffic (but not thin it) and is easy to use with stand-alone windows and only buttons to select the server location and turn on / off the connection. If it were not because Express VPN is significantly more expensive than all other tested services, we would have given it a higher rating, but the price is important for something you’re expected to have for many years.

Name:  Express VPN
Facts and measurement results: 1700+ servers in 94 countries. 79 Mbit/s, response time: 48 ms.
Other:  Killswitch
Price: $12.95 for one month, $9.99 / month for 6 months or $8.32 / month for one year.

Download Express VPN here


  • Works well in China
  • Many servers


  • By far the most expensive
  • Longest (but not at all slow)
  • Max three connected devices



Mullvad does not advertise, has no special offers or discounts for long subscriptions, and you do not have to provide any personal information to get an account and start subscribing. It is the highest ranked service of all on ThatOnePrivacySite.

To create an account, you generate an account number on the site, that’s all. With an anonymous account, high encryption security and no logs, it’s the safest VPN service you can get.

The Mullvad Window Program is a simple story. It does what it should, but is not straightforward or super easy to use. However, it has a built-in kill switch, can tune ipv6 if you need it, and have port forwarding if you need incoming traffic.

Name:  Mullvad
Facts and measurement results: 160+ servers in 27 countries. 102 Mbit/s, response time: 56 ms.
Other:  Kill switch, ipv6 tunnel, port forward
Price: 5 Euros/month.

Download here


  • Best Privacy
  • Protection Anonymous Account Creation and Payment
  • Good Features


  • No discount on long subscription
  • A little complicated

Nord VPN


The test’s largest service is Nord VPN, with almost two and a half thousand servers in 56 countries (the second most countries after Express VPN). It is also the service with the nicest program. To choose a place, click on the country you want to browse from a stylized world map instead of rotating in a list. This applies to both the Windows version and the Mac version.

Nord VPN is also one of the cheapest services in the test, so far if you like it and pay for a long subscription. For short periods, however, it is more expensive. Like Cyberghost, the company often has promotions with special prices. If you choose Nord VPN then you should keep an eye on campaigns and pay when the price is below $ 3 a month or so. The current overnight rate is $ 2.7 a month.

It has a function called kill switch but does not work as such. Instead, it is a matter of selecting some programs that automatically turn off if the connection is broken. But it does not protect at all in the same way as real kill switch features, so we count it as fake marketing.

On the other hand, the service has several unique features, such as double VPN and VPN-over-tor – both features that provide an extra layer of privacy protection.

Name:  Nord VPN
Facts and measurement results:  2400+ servers in 56 countries. 100 Mbit/s, response time: 56 ms.
Other:  Double-VPN, VPN-over-tor,
Price: $11.9 for one month, $5.75 / month for one year, $3.25 / month for two years.

Download Nord VPN here


  • Works with  Netflix
  • Nicest program
  • Unique special features like double VPN




The Swedish OVPN goes the furthest of all the tested services in the quest to be transparent about how security and privacy are working. On the company’s website you can, among other things, read about how the server program is set to not save any logs at all, and how the servers themselves are protected from physical attacks.

Since the last time we tested the program, OVPN has developed positively on several points. Firstly, the speed has improved markedly and is now among the highest. Previously, pricing was odd at different prices depending on which language the site was on, but now the price difference is based on currency.

OVPN has also built its server set up with more servers in Sweden and servers in four new countries, including the United States. It still does not work with Netflix, but it may still be important for some other unobtrusive services that are not as extreme as Netflix in their eagerness to stop VPN-connected users.

Name:  OVPN
Facts and Measurements:  42 servers in 6 countries. 103 Mbit/s, response time: 55 ms.
Other:  Kill switch, DNS encryption, ipv6 tunnel; multihop and public ipv4 address as an option
Price:  $10.99 for one month, $8.33 / month for 3 months or $7 / month for one year.

Download OVPN here


  • Highest Security of All VPN Services
  • Anonymous Accounts and Payments
  • Pretty expensive
  • Get countries

Private VPN


Compared to Mullvad and OVPN, Private VPN is cheaper and has servers in more countries, but on the other hand, does not take your integrity as seriously. However, there is no security error, which gets higher ratings than Cyberghost and Anonine on ThatOnePrivacySite.

If you want a cheap subscription and do not want to subscribe for several years at a time, Private VPN is actually the cheapest price for the test, with SEK 24 per month for just 13 months – it’s as low as Nord VPN takes for three-year subscriptions. In addition, it’s cheapest if you only want one month at a time, which might be good if you are going to travel for example, and just need a VPN on the trip (for example, see SVT Play).

Private VPN also gets the fastest results in our test, although the differences between the different services are very small overall. It’s also one of three which support Netflix, which is a positive surprise as Netflix is effective in finding and blocking VPN servers.

For the normal user who does not handle extremely sensitive data and needs absolute anonymity and maximum security, Private VPN currently has the best combination of features, performance,  and price.

Not for Mac users

This test has been done in Windows and is based on PC users, but most services work equally well on Mac (and in mobiles). Private VPN is an exception, however, since the Mac version of the program lacks the kill switch and other protection features contained in the Windows application. This means that we recommend another service for Mac users.

Name:  PrivateVPN
Facts and measurement results:  80+ servers in 56 countries. 103 Mbit/s, response time: 49 ms.
Other:  Kill switch (on Windows)
Price: $8.21 for one month, $5.63 / month for 3 months or $4.15/ month for 13 months.

Download Private VPN here


  • Cheapest for Shorter Subscription
  • Fastest
  • Supports Netflix
  • Missing some more advanced features that some competitors have
  • worse on Mac

Summary – These services we recommend

The conclusion of our test is that all tested services meet the high-speed requirement very well. From the slowest (79 Mbit / s) to the fastest (103 Mbit / s), the difference is not very big and is hardly noticeable in everyday use.

For those who want VPN to protect your privacy as much as possible, we recommend the two Swedish services Mullvad and OVPN, where Mullvad is the snap better functionally and is best ranked on the independent test site ThatOnePrivacySite. However, OVPN has a somewhat nicer app and also takes privacy protection extremely seriously.

For regular Windows users, PrivateVPN currently has the best combination of low price, availability, and features. For Mac users, the program is worse and then we recommend Cyberghost instead, which also boasts the absolute lowest price in the test.

Best Free VPN Services For Maximum Privacy 2018

Below, we begin by tapping a bunch of free options. Some of them are free for a certain time, others forever, and we have tested the five most popular.

The free services were tested on a MacBook Pro with fiber connection at 100/100 Mbit / s. Continuous tests were made with LAN cable. We tested both Netflix and the usual web surfing and the speed measurements were done at Bredbandskollen. We also did two measurements per day – one in the morning and one afternoon to ensure a stable average.

Do you have a favorite you think we forgot? Please let us know in the comments below!

Cyberghost VPN 6

Among the free VPN services, Cyberghost is undoubtedly one of the more easy-to-use. It is also available in the form of a Premium variant, however, the free version also gets the job done effectively.

Getting started is a kid’s play and after installation, we meet with a simple interface where you simply click a button to get started. You can also choose from a number of different servers mainly the US, Canada, and Europian servers. We may choose from a variety of countries, many of which are locked to the paid version.

Sadly, we are placed in a queue and need awaiting access to the servers, something you will lose if you’re willing to pay a slant. However, it’s quick to arrive and the longest waiting time we watch is about two minutes. Clearly painless.

We are testing to connect to Netflix to access the US supply. It goes like this and while we can access it, it’s not possible to stream. Netflix detects wisely that it is a VPN tunnel used, which puts the clamps on the wheel.

When it comes to BitTorrent, it works quite well, despite the speed being broken. The test is done on a 100/100 line but we only get out just over 6 Mbit / s. However, with the payment version, you get access to faster speeds.

Platforms: Windows 7, Mac OS 10.10, Android 4.00, IOS 7 or newer
Payment methods: Credit cards, Paypal, Wire Transfer
Maximum number of devices: 1 (available for 5 devices)
Servers in Sweden / United States / United Kingdom: Yes (Premium) / Yes / Yes
Servers in other countries (number): Different numbers depending on countries
Other features: Surf protection, tracking blocking, extra speed, advertising bellows (all requiring Premium).
Price: Then $11.99 / month for one month, $5.99 / month for one year, $3.50 / month for two years,  or $2.75 / month for three years.


USA: 6 Mbit/s (Free)

Read more here!


  • Quickly Install
  • Easy to overlook
  • Many servers in the free version


  • Slow internet in the free version

VPN Book

This is a service for the slightly more advanced users, requiring you to download VPN configurations, and also an external third-party program called Tunnelblick. However, via the VPN Book’s website, you will be able to know how to get started, and after a little bit of effort, you will be surfing anonymously.

As with other VPN services, Netflix does not work here either, but the streaming service continues to put the rods in the wheels and calls for the service to be disconnected.

VPN Book is completely free and all you need is to download the configuration files. There are six different servers to connect against, of which three are European (a dedicated German), two American and two Canadian. We notice a speed drop called Duga. On the other hand, it’s completely free, which makes it easier to live with.

A sad detail is that the VPN tunnel tends to relax occasionally, which means that loading of pages fails more often than desired. In addition, it is an open platform where the administrator password is replaced on a regular basis so as to keep the website bookmarked.

If you get along with these minuses, VPN Book is a sensible alternative to the thin wallet.

Platforms: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac OS, Ubuntu, Android, IOS
Payment Methods: Free
Maximum Units: Unlimited
Servers in Sweden / United States / United Kingdom: No / Yes / No
Servers in other countries (number): Unknown
Other features: 100 percent anonymous, CDN Fallback,
Price: Free


In Sweden: Unknown
To US: 16.55 Mbit/s

Read more here!

  • Absolutely Free
  • Unlimited
  • Open Platform


  • Somewhat difficult to get started with
  • Confusing website
  • Closer on a regular basis

Tunnel Bear

Tunnelbear is scaled-down A VPN service with a single purpose – to hide your IP address. More features are not included in the program and is, therefore, an excellent choice for those users who do not want a heavy application.

After the installation of the Tunnel Bear, which requires that we first register on the developer’s website. we can choose from a list of countries where the USA is the default. The fact that the United States is the default server can certainly be due to the fact that many people choose to acquire VPN to access the US Netflix, something Tunnelbear, unfortunately, does not manage to cope with.

We can log in to Netflix and get a quick overview of the service but when a movie is launched, Netflix stops and calls for the VPN service shutdown.

Otherwise, Tunnelbear performs well and we do not have waiting times as well as broken features. On the other hand, the deal breaker, in this case, is that the free version has a data stack of 500 MB. Then it will stop and we will be happy to upgrade to one of the payment options either on a monthly or annual basis. Unfortunately, the speed is somewhat limited and Tunnelbear is not suitable for BitTorrent.

For advanced users, there are significantly better options, but those who just want to quickly check their mail without worry about being monitored, they earn 500 MB.

Another plus point of the TunnelBear is that it can be downloaded as an extension in Google Chrome and Opera Browser instead of a standalone application.

Platforms: Windows 7, Mac OS 10.10, Android 4.01, IOS 7 or newer
Payment methods: Credit cards
Maximum number of units: 5
Servers in Sweden / United States / United Kingdom: Yes / Yes / Yes
Servers in other countries (number): Unknown
other features: No
Price: Free or 7.99 USD/month 49.99 USD/year


US: 12.24 Mbit / s

Read more here!


  • Easy Interface
  • Quickly Get Started
  • No functional limitations in the free version
  • Available as an add-on to Chrome and Opera


  • Slow internet
  • Netflix does not
  • work snugly with included data

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is the VPN service that performs the best in our test, at least in terms of speeds. Where many others are just falling into trouble, we get good speed and a really fast experience. It also allows you to connect to more than one servers from different countries.

The free version allows us to surf around for seven days before it says stop or 750MB per day which can still be seen as generous. If you want to upgrade to the premium variant, you can buy either for a month, a couple of months or a lump sum for lifetime use.

Even the interface is simple where we first install the program and hit the back button at the top left to get rid of the upgrade notification and click on the start button. The free version allows you to surf from just the United States server.

Sadly, Netflix breaks apart even with Hotspot Shield, but it’s probably more a matter of blocking from the streaming service than a limitation on the software.

For those who want to surf really fast, Hotspot Shield is, therefore, a great option. In addition, antivirus included on the purchase.

Platforms: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS 10.10, Android 4.0, IOS 7, Windows Phone 8.1
Payment Methods: Credit Cards
Maximum Devices: 5 Units
Servers in Sweden / USA / UK: Yes / Yes / Yes
Servers in other countries (number): Unknown
Other features: Surveillance, virus protection
Price: 11.99 USD/month, 99.95 USD/lifetime


US: 35.22 Mbit/s

Read more here!


  • Easy Interface
  • Quick Browser
  • Extensions for Chrome and Firefox


  • Something clumsy way to choose countries


Windscribe builds its business model in three main versions: 2GB data volume (free), 10GB data volume (free) and a premium variant with unlimited surfing. The installation is simple and requires no more than installing the application, creating an account and surfing anonymously.

There are two free versions: 2GB and 10GB, and to get the latter, you also need to confirm your email address, something that feels like a small sacrifice for more surfing.

And the free variants are still generously grown. What distinguishes them from the paid one is that the account only works on one device, that it is limited to eight countries and clearly there is a data tag. By the way, they are identical.

The interface is super easy and via a scrolling list, we can choose the country we want to connect with.

The speed is very sluggish when we connect ourselves to the United States. In fact, Windscribe is the service that performs the worst in the test and we reach barely 3Mbit / s. For this reason, the surfing experience is not in the top class and a quick overview of the support side of the service reveals that it is not much better with premium. In short, we get plenty of surf, but barely able to use it. Thumbs down here.

Platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS 10.8 and above, Linux (Premium only), Android 4.0.3 (Premium only), IOS 8
Payment methods: Credit cards, Bitcoin, Paypal, Paymentwall
Maximum number of units: 1 device (unlimited premium)
Servers in Sweden / United States / United Kingdom: Yes / Yes / Yes
Servers in other countries (count): Unknown
Other features: No
Price: 9 USD/month, 90 USD/year


In Sweden: Unknown
To US: 2.60 Mbit / s

Read more here!


  • Simple interface
  • Chrome, Opera, and Firefox add-ons


Best VPN Services For iPhone & Android Smartphones

VPN Pass

VPN Pass is a new VPN app on the Google Play store but provides quite an amazing service. It provides a fast protected connection. Provides you secure access to the internet on touch of the button. No need to provide a username or password and no registration required.

It is a totally free VPN service and does not require you to provide your credit card number. The app lets you bypass internet filters and censorship. Allows you to watch Netflix, Youtube, Instagram, Google and other websites wherever they may be blocked.

The service promises to maintain no logs which means you don’t to worry about your anonymity while using VPN Pass. However we have yet to test that promise as it is a new service.

I have just one complaint about this app and that is its interface. The interface looks dated and ugly but when it comes to VPN I prefer function over the looks.

Download VPN Pass

Contact:  [email protected]
Platforms: Android 6.0 or newer
Payment methods: No Payment required
Maximum number of units: No restrictions
United States / United Kingdom: Yes / Yes
Servers in other countries (number): Different numbers depending on countries
Price: Free with ads


  • Absolutely Fee
  • No Logs Maintained
  • Quick to connect
  • No Data Limit
  • No Device Limit


Cyberghost VPN 6

Cyberghost has an app for iOS and Android that gives a very clean impression. You do not even need a login to get started. All that is required is to swipe to the right to choose the service you are looking for. It is also free to some extent and works more than well if you do not want to pay.

By swiping all the way to the right you will get to a “get started” button. This is where you choose which country you want to link to if you want to hide advertising (the only premium applies), which server you want to browse. The whole thing is very flexible and it does not take many minutes before we get started.

In fact, Cyberghost works more smoothly on the mobile than on the desktop. When we want to protect us in our mobile surfing, it’s going to be quick and easy to get started

Even the speed of the surf is clearly not bad. We clock in just under 7 Mbit/s, which is good enough. However, if we are going to use Youtube, there is a bit of lag because high-resolution videos require a lot of buffering at such low speeds. If you want higher speed then you may choose the premium version

Platforms: Android 6.0, iOS 7 or newer
Payment methods: Credit cards, Paypal, Wire Transfer
Maximum number of units: 1 (available for 5 units)
Servers in Sweden / United States / United Kingdom: Yes / Yes / Yes
Servers in other countries (number): Different numbers depending on countries
Other features: Surf protection, tracking blocking, extra speed (premium), advertising blockers, web content compression
Price: Free version available, otherwise one month for $ 11.99.

Download to iOS 
Download to Android

US: 8.23 Mbit/s

Read more here!


  • It’s quick to get started The
  • The interface is easy to overlook
  • Vetting pricing


Just like in the case of the PC version, Tunnelbear for mobile is one of the most scaled-down VPN services you can find. The whole app’s interface is touch-based and you swipe back and forth over a map to find the countries you want to create your tunnel against.

The service is available both as paid and free, where the latter is enough for a quick check of the mail and maybe a little Facebook. A limit of 500 MB per month exists, which means that Tunnelbear is not recommended if you want to check out, for example, Youtube.

If you do not want to swipe back and forth over the world map, you can also select countries in a discrete menu at the bottom of the screen. Here are a number of different countries, including Germany, China, and the United States, and with a quick click, the connection is established.

TunnelBear also performs well, and we do not need to queue or go through long installation processes – all you need is an account that you create for the first time the app starts. And if the 500MB included would end, you’ll need to purchase a subscription either on a monthly or yearly basis.

Platforms: Android 4.0.1, iOS 7 or newer
Payment methods: Credit card
Maximum number of units: 5
Servers in Sweden / United States / United Kingdom: Yes / Yes / Yes
Servers in other countries (number): Unknown
Other features: No
Price: Free version available, Premium = $9.9 for one month, $4.99 / month for a year subscription.

Download to iOS 
Download to Android

US: 11.37 Mbit/s

Read more here!


  • Simple and playful interface
  • Quickly to get started
  • No restrictions functionally in the free version


Very limited data in the free version


Windscribe is a good service that could have been so much better. The reason is lack of functionality, tight with servers and countries and a relatively low rate of added value. Plus, the fact that you need the premium version to be able to use the service on Android.

On the plus side, the amount of data included with the free version we tested – 2 GB versus 10 GB. If you want to use the higher free pot you need to confirm your email, which is not a major sacrifice according to us. And if that’s not enough then it’s possible to go endlessly with surfing for $ 949 a year.

On the other hand, the interface is super easy, including when Windscribe is just one VPN and nothing else, and all you need is to press the giant button on the screen. If you want to select a country and server then this is done just below the start button. There are eight countries to choose from – including the United States, Canada, Germany and Hong Kong, and only the North American countries have multiple servers to choose from.

The speed itself clocks at 10.91 Mbit / s down and 4.46 Mbit / s when the US is selected as a country. Sweden cannot be chosen. If the service had been free for Android, we could have accepted this.

In short, Windscribe is for you who just want to surf anonymously and nothing else.

Platforms: Android 4.0.3 (Premium only), iOS 8 or newer
Payment methods: Credit cards, Bitcoin, Paypal, Paymentwall
Maximum number of units: 1 device (unlimited premium)
Servers in Sweden / USA / UK: Yes / Yes / Yes
Servers in other countries (number): Unknown
Other features: No
Price: Limited free version, alternatively $9.00 / month, or $49 / year ($4.08 / month).

Download to iOS 
Download to Android

Within Sweden:
To US: 10.91 Mbit / s

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  • Simple interface
  • Generous with surf


  • Get added value
  • Not available in many countries on Android

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is one of two VPN services that utilize the subscription capabilities that come with iOS and Android. This means that you do not need to start a separate account to get started, and choose to continue after the seven free days – then billed directly through Apple or Google. With the premium version, you get better performance, faster speed, and instant connectivity. Not super expensive then.

To get started, Open the app, click on the power button and that’s it, you are protected. You can also select from many different servers from the drop-down menu below the power button.

What is included in the free version is 750 MB per day for seven days. In total, almost 5.5 GB of data will be used to determine whether a purchase will be made or not, which can be seen as quite okay in the context.

There is also a free version with ads but we advise to purchase the pro version which allows you to select from many different servers.

When we measured we reached crazy 280.1 Mbit/s upload speed and 12.89 Mbit/s down. No other service delivered equally crazy uploads like Hotspot Shield, which means that it’s not actually a bug we ran on.

Platforms: Android 4.0, iOS 7 or newer
Payment methods: App Store and Play Store
Maximum number of devices: 5 devices
Servers in Sweden / United States / United Kingdom: Yes / Yes / Yes
Servers in other countries (number): Unknown
Other features: No
Price: One month for 12.99 dollars, 3 months for 32.99 US dollars, 6 months for 53.99 US dollars or one year $ 69.99).

Download to iOS 
Download to Android

Within Sweden:
 12.89 Mbit/s
To US: 20.22 Mbit/s

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  • You can pay for a Lifetime
  • Billing through the App Store and Google Play
  • Galen upload time


  • The interface is not the nicest we’ve seen


Hola! is actually two things, an application that makes you anonymous via a tunnel, and also an encrypted browser. In the app’s interface, you can switch between these features at the bottom and Hola! Tells you that the browser may not work with the VPN online. It is likely that two tunnels are at risk of striking each other.

Hola!  marketed for a long time as a solution to being able to see Netflix material outside the United States but that is no longer possible. It’s not possible to watch Netflix via web browsers.

Otherwise, Hola performs! as expected as a simple VPN – we get 12.52 Mbit/s if we browse the US. Hola! VPN carries a 45 dollar price tag per year, billed directly through Apple’s payment service at the Apple Store and Android’s Play Store.

Platforms: Android 4.0.3 (Premium only), iOS 8 or newer
Payment methods: App Store and Play Store
Maximum number of devices: Unlimited with premium
Servers in Sweden / US / UK: Yes / Yes / Yes
Servers in other countries (number): Unknown
Other features: Browser
Price: Free 7 days. Then $5/month or $45/year.

Download to iOS 
Download to Android


Within Sweden: 12.52 Mbit / s
To US: 14.53 Mbit / s

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  • Browser
  • Billing through the App Store and Google Play
  • Reasonable pricing


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