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Best Smart Home Gadgets In 2020

The Consumer Electronics Show has been the go-to reunion spot for all thriving companies that produce and sell consumer ground-breaking technologies for the last five decades. Things haven’t changed in 2020. CES 2020 was held in Las Vegas and it introduced the world to thousands of fresh, innovative and smart gadgets from the biggest tech names on the planet. We took a look at the future of smart homes and picked a few of the gadgets within security and lightning, the cornerstones of any smart home in 2020!

But before we dive in, you probably wonder why you should even bother to invest in smart home gadgets. Well, the thing is that a “smart home” takes away a lot of stress, worries, discomfort and most of all, can increase our sense of safety. Motion sensors, temperature control devices, smart voice activated locks, controls and advanced lighting systems are all examples of devices that make our homes smarter. If you are a smart home enthusiast keep on discovering new smart, keyless locks or you are eager to see what kind of new video doorbells or smart lights you can expect to see more of during 2020, then this is for you!

Smart Home Security Gadgets: Lockly & Livia

As soon as we start to talk about security the conversation easily becomes very technical. Gone are the days when all we needed was a simple key to feel safe. Today, keys are being replaced by locks that are getting smarter each year. Advanced technology makes the keys smarter, and the house owner often left with a feeling of being stupid, but it’s difficult to talk about these smart gadgets without touching on the technology behind them. On the good side however, every professional locksmith is well updated regarding smart home software and high-tech locks as well as other security gadgets for home owners like you and me. Today a locksmith is not only installing traditional locks, but is actually the best person to review your home and advice on the best modern security solution, so don’t run off buying these gadgets online and try to install them yourself!

Now let’s look at two of the most talked about gadgets for home security this year.

Lockly Vision Doorbell is definitely on the pricey side with a price tag around $400, but considering it is both a smart video doorbell and a smart lock 2 in 1, we must say it’s definitely worth looking into. Expect the device to start streaming High Definition video images to your smartphone and even record them images to your hard-disk or in the cloud. Lockly Vision also uses two-way audio for carrying entire conversions with house guests, the kids or the elderly in your household. The smart lock can be enabled with the help of a keypad which requires a random key code every time, as well as your own voice, an app or even a fingerprint reader (it stores up to 99 different fingertips). What’s even more fascinating about this product is that it can easily generate an access code without getting access to your WiFi connection. Great for those of you who fear power outages or hackers just as much as they fear burglars!

The smart Livia Deadbolt by BenjiLock definitely stands out from the crowd thanks to its out-of-this-world features and amazing design. Plus, the deadlock is extremely easy to use as it carries a fingerprint sensor (10 fingerprint storage and 25 PIN code memorizing) along with a keypad. It relies on geofencing, which means that your door will automatically lock and unlock by assessing your exact geographical location and proximity to your home).

It is compatible with the Apple HomeKit, as well as Alexa and Google Assistant, so you should have no problems conveniently controlling your smart home gadgets in one place. Now you can easily let the furniture delivery company access your yard and drop off all the boxes while you are at work in the morning, or assign a temporary key to your guests and not have to worry that you do not have enough spare keys in the house.

This lock is interesting in particular because it can be used by connecting it to a router inside the house, with no separate Wi-Fi bridge needed. Don’t want to risk someone breaking your WiFi password and controlling your lock? Wait for the exclusive Bluetooth alternative and also say goodbye to the hassle of having a bad internet connection where you live.

Smart Gadgets to Light Up Your Home

The Philips Hue Appear, Lily XL or Econic, will all become available for sale starting March. The brand has plenty of powerful competitors in the industry when it comes to outdoor smart lights. However, if you are truly looking for an excellent lock deterrent for the outside of your home, you can’t go wrong with one of their strips, wall lights or floodlights, for the driveway, patio or backyard areas.

CES 2020 introduced fans to three fresh innovative products:

Any of them could easily add no less than 16 million colors to your outdoors, on top of tens of thousands of incredible shades of white – a home burglar’s biggest nightmare, on top of a solid lock on the door and a home alarm. You will not only create outstanding color effects but also keep creeps and intruders at bay, so definitely check out these lights upon release this spring.

Smart homes technologies are today integrated with the design, architecture and engineering of new homes and with the use of smart gadgets any homeowner can make their home a bit smarter, step by step. Smarter for the people living in it, and smarter for the environment. A win-win for all!