Best USB-C Adapters Fast Charging iPhone X, iPhone XS, And iPhone XS Max


Last year Apple not only debuted wireless charging on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X but also debuted fast charging, the long-awaited feature. Apple claims that with it you can charge your phone up to 50% in just 30 minutes. But, there is a catch. To use the fast charging features, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max owners need to buy another charger and an extra cable (typical Apple).

Apple sells the fast charging adapter for $50 while the official Apple Lightening to USB-C power cable is available for $25. So, what alternative do you have?

In this article we will discuss different alternatives for Apple’s fast charging adapter and lightening to USB-C cable. We will also discuss Apple’s official fast charging adapter and data cable.

Best Fast Charging Adapters and Cables For iPhone X, XS, and XS Max

Here are some good fast charging adapters to charge the latest iPhone models.

Lightning cable

As for the Lightning cable, there is only one option, Apple. So far, the company has not provided third-party manufacturers with certificates for the production of USB-C Lightning cables.

You will need a USB-C cable, since the standard USB-A that comes with the phone only supports USB 2.0 with a limited charging speed. The USB-C cable supports USB 3 and can charge the device many times faster.

Apple 5  W

Apple puts a 5W charger in a box for each iPhone, and it is one of the slowest. We tested it, but we knew it already that it would be the worst.

Apple 12  W

This charger comes with some iPad models. It is a little faster when charging the phone, and many use it for years. This charger perfectly charges old phones, but it is not the best option for the latest models of devices.

Apple 29  W

If you have a 12″ MacBook, then there is this charging adapter. This is Apple’s smallest USB-C adapter and a great option for quickly charging your iPhone. The biggest disadvantage of this charge is its high price. Third-party chargers can charge at the same speed and cost half as much.

If you do not have a MacBook, but you would like to charge it, you can buy it on Amazon for $ 47.93.

Anker 30 W

This Anker device is great for fast charging and costs half the price of an Apple adapter. However, this charger has one drawback, the lack of support for an extension cord. In size, it is like Apple’s
29W adapter. You can buy this charger on Amazon for $ 26.

Aukey Amp Duo

Aukey Amp Duo provide useful USB-C charging with two additional USB-A ports. All of them cannot be used simultaneously, but you can use either a USB-C port or two USB-A ports at once. This is a great option at a low price of $ 19.99 on Amazon.

Choetech UL 32W Dual

Choetech UL 32W’s USB-C comes PD (Power Delivery) which ensures fast charging supported devices at up to 27W. The chip is capable of simultaneously charging 2 devices with a total power of 32W. It comes with a smart IC chip which ensures that your devices remain safe while charging at a fast rate. This USB adapter can be purchased from its official site which promised 30 days return policy and 18-month warranty which is incredible.

Choetech offers a wide range of USB charging adapters and high-quality USB cables at affordable prices. While Choetech is not a brand as well-known as Anker or Aukey their quality is incredible. We strongly recommend going with a Choetech USB Adapter or USB Cable if you are looking for a high-quality charging device at an affordable price.


The last device on our list is the double charge RAVPower 36W. It is also the cheapest. RAVPower also ensures fast and secure charging. It contains 2 USB-A and 1 USB-C port that can be used simultaneously. You can buy at a discounted price from its official website RAVPower for just $14.99.

This conclude our list of the best USB-C adapters to fast charge Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max.

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