Gadgets for Architecture Students

Architecture is definitely a profession of gadgets. Through the art and the science of building design, architectural students learn how to take a blank slate and turn it into a fascinating building or structure. A way that makes the job of an architectural student easier is by having more than just a great laptop; it is by having some of the latest gadgets that make life much easier.

Have a look at some of the best gadgets for architectural students on the market.

Best Gadgets for Architecture Students

1.       reMarkable Paper Tablet

This tablet is a great tool for any architectural student because when inspiration strikes, they can get right to work. You can write, sketch, and much more on this tablet as though you have a piece of paper and sketching pencil on hand. This is an eco-friendly way to gather designs, take notes and measurements as though you are writing on paper.

2.       Bagel Smart Measure

When you need to take digital measurements, this is the tool you will want to use. It is the epitome of measuring tools as it allows you to take many different types of measurements. You can do straight distances, or you can do curve-linear measurements. Furthermore, you can download the app that goes with either iOS or Google Play smartphones. You will be able to keep your measurements with you and store the information without risking it being lost.

3.       3D Printer

Any architectural student will tell you that a great way to check to see if your design it plausible is to construct a model to scale. Designing your structures is only half the battle; you need to see that they work. Having a 3D printer allows you to build models using CAD software or one just like it while checking to see if your designs are suitable for building. 3D printers are an excellent way to have a scale building printed for you to see what it looks like a miniature version.

4.       Smart Pen

This is a gadget that most architectural students will love. This tool allows you to seamlessly take everything you write on paper and convert it to a digital copy that you can view on any device. This pen helps you to share your thoughts, ideas, drawings and much more digitally. Furthermore, everything you write will automatically be backed up. The pen is similar to any other pen and uses real ink just like a regular pen.


Being an architecture student requires you to have some handy gadgets on hand to make your studies and work easier and more efficient. The best gadgets you can possibly get are those that allow you to develop your skills and enhance the work that you do in a way that is conceivable and realistic.

Regardless of what you are looking for, be it laptops or another tech, you want to make sure you have the tools necessary to succeed. Therefore, as an architectural student, get these gadgets today.

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