Group Calls And Low Light Mode Coming To Duo: Screenshots Leaked


Google Duo is a (video) call app from Google that is regularly receiving handy updates. The upcoming update will allow us to make group calls with Duo. The update will also include a low-light mode for video calls.

Google Duo group conversations

Google Duo  is a great app to call family, friends and other users who have Duo app via your smartphone or Chromebook . There are still some things missing from the Duo, such as conducting a group conversation. 

Competitors WhatsApp and Apple’s FaceTime support group conversations with up to 4 and 32 users respectively. The team behind Google Duo is now also working on this possibility with 7 people. The first screenshots of it have now surfaced thanks to Android Police .

First, you need to create a group, add participant and then you can start your group call. You can create multiple groups from your contact list. However, the option of adding someone while in a conversation is not yet possible.

Google Duo ‘low light’

Another new function that is in store for Google Duo is a so-called ‘low light’ function. This feature will probably adjust the video if the lighting in the room you are in is not that good. It is yet uncertain whether and when will these functions roll out. 

Google Duo

Google Duo was announced in 2016 together with the chat app   Allo. Allo has come to an end, but Duo is alive and kicking. This app makes it possible to conduct simple video and audio calls in high audio and video quality without consuming too much data. The quality of the audio or video automatically changes based on the connection.

Duo also has a ‘knock knock’ function. When you call someone who has set you up as a contact via Duo, that person can watch a live video of you while the phone rings. You can only see the person you are calling after he has accepted the call. Google Duo can be used on  multiple devices at the same time and you can even call people who have not installed the app on their Android phone .