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How do Blue Light Glasses Protect You From Computer Use?

We are continuously scrolling through social media feeds or reading work-related emails and reports right on our smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Besides, we are entirely dependent on the digital modes of working and learning using computer systems or laptops.

Needless to say, we spend long hours staring at the screen these days, especially after the pandemic has forced us to stay indoors. We primarily rely on our smart devices to stay connected with each other or to handle busy workflows on a day-to-day basis.

Computer Usage and Eye Health

The work from home model has opened up the possibility of spending more time accomplishing our daily tasks and meeting deadlines. It has increased our screen time tremendously, leading to eye discomfort and severe headaches.

This happens due to the emission of harmful blue light from these digital devices. The glare from these screens affects our eye health after prolonged exposure to these blue light rays, thus causing eye diseases and eye degeneration. Do you know, one primary reason for sleep disturbances is overexposure to blue light emission as it hampers the production of a sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin?

This explains why 50% of computer or heavy smartphone users suffer from eye strain, eye irritations, and blurry vision. What’s more, the blue light emitted from these digital devices also damages our retina, thus leading to permanent vision changes.

So, we need a solution that can prevent or block the blue light emitting from these smart devices and computers by using a filter, such as blue light  computer glasses.

How Can Blue Light Computer Glasses Help Reduce Eye Discomfort?

Blue light computer glasses are designed to block and filter out the blue light emitting from the digital screens, thus making it safer and more comfortable for us to work on them. They help to scale down or filter out the dangerous blue light glare coming from the screens to provide long-term eye protection.

3 Healthy Habits to Prevent Eye Strain

While blue light computer glasses are definitely going to help reduce eye problems caused by increased screen time, you also need to develop some good habits for better overall results.

  1. Avoid using your digital devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, and television before going to bed. We keep scrolling through various news feeds or social media while lying in bed, but it affects our circadian cycle (or sleep cycle) by inhibiting the release of melatonin.
  2. Take occasional breaks from your digital devices and opt for digital detoxes at times to stay stress-free and give yourself (and your eyes) some time to relax!
  3. Invest in better eye health by buying good quality blue light computer glasses to protect your eyes against these harmful blue light radiations. And make sure that your glasses have an AR coating.

Final Words

Blue light preventing computer lenses are not new in the market and have been here for a while. However, people are becoming more aware of their eye problems and maintaining healthy vision. So, it’s high time you should get blue light blocking glasses from reputable online stores like SmartBuyGlasses UK to ensure long-lasting eye protection and safe usage of digital devices.

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