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How Smart TVs have Changed the Complete Concept of old Generation TVs

The television industry has undergone numerous iterations of change over the past decade. The units that first supported only a few programming channels on very restrictive architecture have now evolved to bring us a near endless number of options via the internet. The older generation TVs are now officially outdated as the smart TV takes hold of the market and as a consumer, this is a brilliant development for you.

Among the many benefits that a best smart TV brings to you, one that stands out in particular is that it has eliminated the need for the middleman, the cable operator. Having a connection via your local operator was a must with older TV sets, but new-age smart TVs extend the option of tailored subscriptions. To fully understand how the advent of the smart TV has changed the concept of television, read on.

Smart TVs can connect to the internet and broadcast a range of programming

Unlike the older generation TVs that were limited to cable connections and set-top boxes, smart TVs can grant you access to a whole range of entertainment options via the internet. These units come with Wi-Fi connectivity options and run on Android or any other operating systems that host a suite of entertainment applications. Popular apps include Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar and others that give you access to a sea of programming, as per your specific choices and desires. While most of these services are available through a subscription, Smart TVs allow you to pick a streaming service of your choice and spend your money wisely.

Smart TVs can be used to communicate and make purchases

Since a smart TV has an operating system that supports applications, another provision made available to you is that you can use these to communicate or make purchases. Popular apps like Skype can be used on your smart TV to converse with friends and family over the internet. Further, applications of e-commerce stores like Amazon are also a part of the package and using the intelligent remote available, you can make purchases through your TV. You can also use the browser to access other online retail platforms.

 Smart TVs are readily available in slimmer models

Unlike the older generation TVs that used the CRT technology, Smart TVs are built with newer, space-efficient technology. These panels have LCD, LED, OLED and Micro-LED technology that allows them to be built a lot slimmer than the older TVs. So much so that the slimmest TV available today is just 4.9mm thin! These TVs can fit anywhere and look stylish too! In fact, some slim TVs like the Samsung TV titled ‘The Frame’ can even mimic art on your walls, posing as a painting.

 Smart TVs can integrate with other smart devices in a household

Older generation TVs were standalone units that only interacted with the remote control for operation. While this may have served the purpose, advancements in this sector have allowed smart TVs to fully integrate with other smart devices in your home. This means, you can wireless connect gaming systems, speakers and phones to enjoy content in numerous formats. Additionally, this interconnectivity also allows TVs to cast smartphones on to their screen, effectively allowing you to stream data from your phone on to the large, FHD+ screen.

As you’ll notice, Smart TVs have completely changed the way that you interact and interface with a television unit. What’s more, these TVs are also capable of outputting content on much higher resolutions and so, they’re also available with larger screen sizes. For instance,  the new micro-LED Samsung TV is 292 inches and can display in resolutions up to 8K. While there isn’t much content being created at that size today, the technology is in place for the day when it is.

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