How to Check the Condition of an Old Laptop?

Old Laptop

Are you looking forward to selling your old laptop? Do you wish to purchase one? If it is neither of them and you are willing to know its functioning, this article is the right place for you. Check the condition of your old laptop, such that you can assess if you need to replace it. Just like any other electronic gadget, laptops also face issues upon being used (or not used) for a long time.

In this article, we shall share the top 4 points you must check, while knowing the condition of an old laptop.


Ensuring that the battery of your laptop is working fine is the first check-point. You can test your laptop to check the current condition. You can check for the laptop’s battery by going to the Diagnostic window of the laptop. You can select the Battery Test from the list of options. You can now plug the laptop back to the main power supply. At the end of the test, a status shall be displayed regarding the status of the battery life.

Secondly, you can run the laptop on the AC adapter, by removing the battery. If it works perfectly, it is a sign that the battery life of the laptop has drained.

Hard Disk:

The failure of hard drives can be a really painful thing, especially with all the data lost. To check for the status of the hard drive, it is essential to know about it before it crashes. Doing a SMART test is often the best way to know it.

To do a SMART test on Windows, you can use the command prompt. In the command prompt, run the command to check the status of the disk drive. If the health is poor, the result of Pred Fail shall be displayed, else OK.

Check System Info:

Knowing about your system becomes an important parameter. You can know about the condition of your old laptop if you are well aware of the system. Checking the system information can be done through the command window. Type the command, “Systeminfo” and go to the last line. You can find out the original installation date of the system. BIOS version is also another system information that you must be aware of to judge health of your system.


Details about the motherboard of the system, like the vendor, model number, BIOS information can be retrieved using the CPU Z software. Knowing about the motherboard becomes important as its status ensures smooth operation without lags. You can also use Speecy to know about the health of the motherboard.

Final Thought:

Knowing the health of the old computer or laptop becomes integral. Sudden failures of your laptop can result in more panic and unrest. If you are looking to dispose of your old laptop, there are many people who are looking to buy used laptop. Ensure that your laptop is in good condition while selling your old laptop to them.

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