How to choose a waterproof Bluetooth speaker?

Summer is coming, and although it will be a different year, everyone is looking forward to sharing outdoor experiences. For this, one of the star products that are most desired at this time is Bluetooth speakers. This is because they allow you to listen to the music of good quality anywhere, be it the beach, the pool, or the field, facilitating its transfer.

Bluetooth speakers are mostly mobile devices, but there is also a fixed range that needs Wi-Fi that it is not possible to mobilize to other places. Therefore, if what you are looking for is a wireless speaker to be able to take it for a walk, the idea is to acquire a free one that only needs Bluetooth to work.

In the market, there are different models and brands; each one offers a series of characteristics that benefit certain needs in individuals. There are different parameters to consider before opting for one model or another since it will depend on what is needed and the budget you have. The variety is great and the number of prices also.

On this occasion, being summer, Outdoortechnology offers a selection of characteristics that should be taken into account when buying a waterproof bluetooth speaker to be able to enjoy it during the long summer days.

How to choose a waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Each person will have a series of needs and a budget according to it; it is important to know exactly what is expected of the speaker and what budget you want to invest.

The sound quality in a small but powerful speaker

Connected to your mobile device, it provides sound quality equal to or better than many much larger speakers. These amplifiers have an excellent sound quality and a perfect power for listening on the inside of your home or abroad.

Do you want to put the rhythm of the sound on the top?

When the maximum volume is not enough for you, please put it in party mode to play the music on two wireless speakers.

Water and hits resistant

Its silicone exterior is soft to the touch and resistant to water and occasional bumps or scratches. The buttons are built into the speaker, as it is waterproof.

Built-in microphone

The portable Bluetooth speaker has a built my crop hone built for use in hands – free mode. Or, access digital assistants like Siri or Google Assistant. As long as you do not pass a distance of more than 30 meters


Most Bluetooth speakers have a built-in battery or allow the use of batteries so they can be used anywhere without the need for power. Estimated battery life between models can vary greatly. Each manufacturer will indicate an estimate that can only be met if the volume of the music reproduction is half of the capacity; that is, if the battery lasts 10 hours, this will only be correct if the volume of the same is at a number moderate. Otherwise, its durability will help behalf. A 10-hour battery is the recommended minimum.

Size and weight

The lighter and smaller it is, the easier it will be to move and transport, but the less soundboard it will have. It cannot be forgotten that perhaps what is most valued in a speaker is that it sounds good, and if space is limited, components that satisfy this need cannot be included.

The idea is to find a good combination between dimensions and sound power, resulting in a product that is comfortable to move but with a good acoustic range.


Bluetooth is the most popular and comfortable technology for playing music on these devices without cable, especially for use outdoors and in places where there is no option to connect it to the electrical network. Even so, they must have a 3.5 mm jack or BFC socket to pair the Smartphone to the speaker just by bringing it closer.

It is also good that it has classic connectors such as the USB port. This interface can be very useful if we store music on external devices such as pen drives or external hard drives. Also, with this port, the speaker can be used as a battery to charge the mobile phone or tablet.

Bluetooth versions

The most recent version of Bluetooth that is already available in the market is 5.0, with more speed, greater reliability, and coverage range than the previous generation. But it is still more common, and there is a greater variety in Bluetooth 4.0 and even 3.0 speakers.

Broadly speaking, each version of Bluetooth differs from the previous one in that it is more energy-efficient, and its range of action is wider.


Not all Bluetooth speakers that claim to be capable of getting wet are to the same degree; a splash is not the same as being able to put it underwater. To know this exactly, you need to pay special attention to IP protection.

The degree of IP protection refers to the international standard CEI 60529. This is the standard that indicates the level of protection that electronic devices, mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches have against dust and humidity.

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