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How to Recover Lost Data From a Memory Card?


Memorycard is commonly used in portable electronic devices, like mobile phones,digital camera, tablets and portable media players. They are used to storeimportant data (photos, documents and media files). You go out with your family and friendsand take photos of memorable moments of your journey and store all photos ofyour special moments in a memory card. While sometimes you accidentally pressdelete button to delete all photos of your journey and don’t know How to recover deleted photos or data from a memory card?

Then no need to worry. Using “DoYour Data Recovery” software is a “piece-of-cake”. “Do Your DataRecovery” software helps you to recover lost data from memory card very quickly and easily. Once you have successfully downloaded “Do Your Data Recovery” software and installed on your computer, you can begin the recovery process immediately. There are two versions available for Windows version and Mac version. This data recovery tool is pretty simple to use and user-friendly interface. You can recover lost data from memory card on PC and Mac.

Easy Steps to Recover Lost Data from Memory Card

are some easy steps to recover deleted or formatted data from memory card:

Step1: Select the memory card
to scan.

the complete downloading and installation of this data recovery tool on your
computer, run the “Do Your Data Recovery” software. Once you have inserted your
memory card, it will appear in “Do Your Data Recovery” software interface. You
must choose the memory card where you want to recover the deleted data, then
click on “NEXT” button to proceed. You can connect your memory card with the
help of UBS cable and also connects camera with computer.

Step2: Scan the memory card to find deleted/lost data.

After selecting the memory card, you will see all
types of files which are selected by default. You can select one or a certain
number of files which require recovery. Now click on “Scan” button to start the
scanning process. “Do Your Data Recovery” software deals with two different
kinds of modes, i. Quick scan, ii. Deep Scan.

Step3: Preview and recover
lost data after scanning.

When the complete scanning is done, you can preview all the deleted images, videos or PDF documents, available in the memory card. Select the required files or important data from memory card, you want to recover by using this recovery software. You must Click on “Recover” button to restore your important data from memory card. You can also save your recovered files on your computer.

Now, with the simple steps above, you can easily
and completely restore lost data from memory card. How about recovery of lost
data from corrupted memory card? Don’t worry. Do Your Data Recovery software
even can help you recover lost data from corrupted memory card, also recover
lost data from inaccessible or damaged memory card. Now, just follow this guide
to start the data recovery from a memory card.



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