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Huawei Sold More Than 200 Million Smartphone in 2018


Huawei is under attack by the Trump administration and many US allies facing accusations of espionage in favor of China. Despite the nasty campaign started by the Trump administration and many US allies, the company is on the rise. Statistical data shows that the company has seen huge gains in sales globally this year.

2018 was a very turbulent year for Huawei. Despite all the troubles that the company is facing, it has a good reason to be proud of itself. Huawei has sold over 200 million smartphones this year, setting a new record (last year’s “only” 153 million units sold). Such a result is a consequence of the producer’s wise pricing and marketing policy. The company has also brought a lot of innovations to the smartphone industry.

2018 was special for Huawei also because of a great sale from this year’s flagship devices from the P20 and Mate 20 lines  (16 million and 5 million respectively). The cheaper models such as the Nova line of phones also saw a huge increase. The Huawei sub-brand Honor also had a great year having exponential growth.

The interest in Huawei smartphones is huge despite the various problems that the company is facing. As I mentioned before, Huawei is engaged in a campaign of unproven accusations of spying for China, although the end users does not seem to take the accusations seriously

The next year is supposed to be even difficult for Huawei as there is a considerable risk of new sanctions being introduced against it by the USA. The USA has already imposed various sanctions on ZTE in the past. Although the smartphone sales do not seem to have been impacted by the US propaganda, Huawei’s telecom equipment division has suffered huge blows inside and outside the US.