Meet TUBBR, Your New Personal Social Networking App


While There are dozens of social networking apps available on Android and iOS serving different purposes, every now and then we see a new social networking app pop up on the Play store and iTunes store. Some of these networks are there to stay, the rest fades away. Many don’t even get noticed and get buried in the junk of millions of smartphone apps.

TUBBR is a completely new social networking app recently launched on Android and iOS. TUBBR claims to be your personal social networking app where you can share stories with specific people or groups of people. I have been using it for the past two days now and so I like how it works.

The app lets you create stories which are public and can be viewed by anyone in your network. You post text, images as well as 20s videos in stories. There are walls where you can post stories based on interest. You can create multiple walls which act as personal spaces. You can set each wall as public or private.

Public walls can be viewed by everyone and joined by everyone. Only the owner of the wall can post stories while the subscriber can comment, like, or react to the stories. They can also post messages on the wall and have a healthy discussion with the other subscribers.

Then there are private walls where you can add specific people and share content intended only to be viewed by them. The people added to the private wall can contribute to the wall. It’s more like Whatsapp groups. For example, you can create a separate private wall for your family where you can share things with people within your family and another for your classmates or co-workers and share content on that wall related to your class or workplace.

Since it is an interest-based personal social network it encourages you to create walls based on your interests. There are already some interesting walls sharing amazing content about travel, food, pets, etc. The app helps you find like-minded friends having similar interests.

While conventional social networks such as Facebook allows you to make a certain post visible to specific people using the post’s privacy settings. It is a pain to set privacy for each individual post and then add people who can view that post. Often you forget to change the privacy settings and share a wrong post with the wrong people and suffer humiliation. TUBBR saves you all the trouble of setting privacy for individual posts.

The idea is very simple. Create different private walls for your family, friends at work, classmates, teammates, etc and enjoy trouble-free personal social networking the worry of sharing the wrong story with the wrong people.

The app also allows you to add links to your stories hence it also has the potential of becoming an effective marketing tool for content creators like me. You can share links of your latest article, youtube video or your product listed on eBay.

I am planning on using it to market my website content with tech enthusiasts via a tech wall. While talking about marketing, TUBBR has another big advantage over conventional social networks i.e personal timeline will not be bombarded by useless marketing spam. Another big advantage is that Tubbr is ad-free and does not make your life harder with dozens of ads populating your timeline.

Since it is currently in the Alpha stage you might face some bugs here and there but those will be fixed sooner as the developers are hard at work fixing the issues. The app is currently an invite-only personal network and only people with invite codes can join the network. Each current member of the TUBBR network can send 5 invites. You can also register on the website and request an access code. You can download TUBBR app for Android & iOS from the widgets below the video.



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