Redroad Receives Gold Award at the MUSE Design Awards 2021

Redroad has top strategies and that extensive experience in offering high-quality products. One of its releases, the Redroad V17 stick vacuum cleaner, has gotten a great rating, as always, the majority of people are drawn to them because of their superior technology and craftsmanship. Because of its consistent performance, it has recently received a Gold prize in the home appliance category of the MUSE Design Awards 2021, knocking out 35,000 other entries from over 100 nations.

The Redroad V17 features high efficiency and a low noise level. Notably, it’s the one that introduced bright hues to the gloomy domain of vacuum cleaners. That is the true reason it has gained so much attention. With its breathtaking look and military-grade composites, V17 is the greatest design that exhibits every detail of R&D and manufacturing capabilities of Asian home appliances company, Redroad. It represents a unique identity of Redroad that combines excellence, hygiene, elegance, creativity, and design.

Redroad achieves global recognition once more:

According to sources, MUSE Design Awards is among the most popular award programmes in the world. The 46 jurors from 25 nations are considered to find the finest items based on a variety of criteria such as user feedback, durability, and so on.

The International Awards Associate (IAA) established the MUSE Design Awards in 2015 with the goal of discovering and promoting innovative organisations. It is well-known for its expert and deep evaluation. Earning a MUSE award conveys fame, status, and reputation.

A Redroad appliance, the ‘Redroad V17,’ was recently acknowledged as the greatest device to get a trophy in this award programme.

The Redroad ‘Dream Team’ has won a slew of global design awards.

The Redroad Dream Team is a group of 12 skilled vacuum cleaner technicians that work behind the renowned Redroad V17. V17 Project Manager has over 28 years of expertise in the field. Before the formation of V17, he oversaw hundreds of projects for vacuums as well as other home equipment. Furthermore, the vacuum cleaner initiatives with which he has been associated have resulted in fifty million cleaning machines, which is equivalent to four months of global output. If we combine fifty million of these vacuums together, they will circle the earth 8 times.

The team also comprises home appliance specialists with at least ten years of expertise. They have exclusive knowledge about client demands, with excellent empathy and extensive competence. This is how Redroad continues to offer unique items made with cutting-edge technology, fine materials, and strategic procedures.

Redroad’s R&D Directors have over 1000 patents. ID’s chief designer, who was rated one of the top ten newest Chinese designers, directed the design of a leading bicycle firm and was honoured by the company’s global design council.

Redroad has earned the most prestigious design accolades in the industry over the previous few decades. Utterly stated, Redroad is a successful company.

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