Smartwatches: The Revolution of The Payments

We all know that nowadays going to the supermarket and paying with your card is sort of troubling. Touching or giving your card to someone else was never an issue but nowadays it could be. Technology can provide us many options to free ourselves or physical contact and to keep the nowadays very famous ‘social distance’, but few people know about how Smartwatches have a revolutionary roll in payments. The might be the future for those who can access to buy these devices.

Very far from only giving you the time, smartwatches are full of features and functionalities that help you in a very practical way, every day. They can measure how many steps on a day you’ve done, but also they can prevent strokes and some other illnesses. But what is very useful considering the new social distancing rules is the fact that you can pay with your smartwatch as you could do it with your smartphone. So having a smartwatch opens up the options to pay in crowded places where you might not feel comfortable by touching things.

Of course, you have many more options like contactless cards and smartphone payments. But smartwatches are a very interesting tool that could simplify your day if you go to the supermarket after going for a run and you didn’t have your cellphone with you.

Which smartwatches offer contactless payments

There is a good list of smartwatches that will provide you with contactless payments. One of the most famous is the well-known Apple Watch Series 5. As it is the latest smartwatch launched by the big company, it is also the best technology-wise.

But it’s not the only one. Most standalone smartwatches can work without a phone and offer contactless payments if you need them. This feature normally connects with apps like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay where you can save your card details and use them safely whenever you need to.

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Another well-known brand that offers in some of their smartwatches contactless payments is the Samsung Watch Active 2. But there a more options and you could compare smartwatches on or any other specialized website.

Paying with smartwatches – is it safe?

It is safe as paying with your smartphone or a contactless card. The only thing you will have to do is getting your smartwatch close to the card machine. It is actually more safe than contactless cards and phones since you have it on your wrist and you will have more control of it.

But of course, you should be careful all the time you pay, not only by avoiding physical contact with other people but also by protecting your payment devices.

Is it a good investment getting a Smartwatch?

It depends on your needs. It’s highly recommended for fitness enthusiasts or elderly people, but in general, everybody could find good features that promote good health and help you to get a better style of life.

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