Start Your Own Uber Alternative Using This Taxi Dispatch Software


Uber change the way how taxi business works. Using cutting-edge technology it took taxi business online. Uber started its services in California and today it is operating in more than 100 countries around the world. There are still more than 90 countries left where Uber is not offering its services.

That’s a big market that one can capitalize on using a business model like Uber. All one needs is a team of experienced mobile and web app developers and little investment. The second option is to acquire the services of a software company to create a good taxi dispatch system for you.

But, the problem is creating a taxi dispatch system might take a lot of time and effort plus software companies charge a fortune to create a dedicated software system especially for you.

But, instead of hiring an expensive team of software developers or paying a huge sum of money to a software company, why not purchase a ready-made taxi dispatch system?

A UK based software company Eurosoft Tech has built a cutting-edge taxi dispatch system using which you can start your own Uber alternative. The software can also be used to take your existing offline business online.

Cab Treasure Is A Ready Made Taxi Dispatch Software

‘Cab Treasure‘ has all the features you need to start a successful online taxi business. Its cloud-based online solution allows the drivers as well as the customer to use the taxi system anywhere anytime.

The software system can be accessed from the desktop using a browser as well from an iPhone or Android phone using driver and customer apps.

The fully automatic and configurable desktop admin panel provides an extensive set of features while having an easy-use UI. The desktop solution together with the cloud access allows you to dispatch jobs from anywhere.

The Customer App

The customer smartphone app allows the customer to easily book a ride using an easy-to-use interface. The app has full Google Maps integration allowing the customer to select a pickup and drop off location. Track driver’s location and get distance estimates and journey times.

The driver details are provided with a profile picture ensuring that the customer has a safe journey. The customer can also rate the driver and leave feedback.

The Driver App

The state of the art driver app also has full Google  Maps as well as Waze integration to offer the most accurate and informed navigation. The driver can inform the customer of his arrival at the pickup location using a text message from within the app.

The driver app also has a fare meter option which saves him the from the inconvenience of bargaining with the customer. The in-car card payment system makes the payments easy and convenient.

Website Booker

For those customers who do not have the app installed can book rides using a website booker. The ride booking is pretty quick and easy thanks to the easy-to-use UI. Eurotech promise to brand the website with your logo, color, and our preferred theme. The website is mobile optimized and packed with advanced features aimed at the customers as well as the company employees.

The system also provides VOIP support to make communication between the driver, the customer, and the company affordable.

Overall, it’s a great system for those who want to take their conventional Taxi business online or start their very own ride-hailing service like Uber saving thousands of dollars creating their own system from scratch. Check out more info about this software on Cab Treasure’s official website.


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