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This Company Promises to Hack Your iPhone For $3900


DriveSavers has announced the launch of a new service for all owners of Apple smartphones. For only 3900 dollars, experts at DrivesSavers will hack any iPhone and provide full access to the contents of the device, regardless of the password complexity or the version of the operating system. According to the company’s employees, this hacking has become feasible due to the use of its own methodology, probably based on one of the iOS vulnerabilities.

The company claims that the service is primarily aimed at users who have forgotten their own password or have permanently blocked the iPhone due to entering several incorrect combinations. Experts claim that no information stored in the smartphone will suffer in the process of hacking. Unfortunately, employees do not disclose any details about their own password guessing techniques.

Two Types Of Hacking Services

At the moment, the company provides two services:

  • Full password reset and further transfer of the unlocked iPhone to its rightful owner. In this case, the cost of the service will be $ 3,900.
  • Backup all stored information on the device and its further transfer to the client. Carrying out such a procedure will cost about 1950 dollars.

Who Can Benefit From This Service?

Data Saver’s approach may shock many but as it turned out, the company is not going to cooperate with law enforcement agencies. As mentioned earlier, the service is aimed at ordinary users. However, even in this case, the company carefully checks the customer and the ownership of the device “at all stages of the recovery process.” If it is necessary to recover data from the device of a deceased family member, customers must provide supporting documents: death certificate or testament.

Nevertheless, the fact that using a small amount of money to hack any iPhone is an alarming thing for security conciousindividuals. Apparently, iOS is not as reliable and safe as we used to think.



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