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Top 3 Hoverboard Riding Tips That Will Keep You Safe


More Americans seem to join the hoverboard bandwagon. In 2018 alone, people spent $600 million on these self-balancing scooters. According to a report, the projected market for hoverboard scooters may reach $1.510 billion by 2025 based on the CAGR of 12.2 percent based on the 2020-2025 forecast period. Some people use hoverboards as transportation nowadays. Others use it for convenience, like going from one house to another or even commuting for nearby trips.

Because of this, they need to practice safety precautions all the time. If you plan to get your own hoverboard, here are several tips on safe riding to avoid unwanted accidents.

Tip #1: Know The Proper Places To Ride 

While you can basically ride your hoverboard in any parks and neighborhoods, you should always check if your city will allow you to use it on the streets. Some places in the US banned this type of transportation in their jurisdiction. In New York City, people are not allowed to use it in public.

The government also imposes a $500 fine for anyone who is found riding it in the city streets. So before you decide which hoverboard to buy, make it a point to check with your local police department first to see if you can use your new hoverboard in your area.

Tip #2: Practice First

If your city will allow you to ride a hoverboard in public places, you still need to learn how to ride it properly before bringing it outside the house. First, you need to learn the balancing skills needed to stay on top of this device. If you cannot balance yourself, you will always fall off the ground. You also need to learn how to get on and off the board properly.

It is very essential to remember to use one foot when riding or getting out of the hoverboard. You must also learn how to step back when getting off the board to prevent accidental tripping. Once you memorize all these, you can start taking your hoverboard in the streets.

Tip #3: Never Take Hoverboards In Flights

Due to safety reasons, most airlines all over the US imposed various regulations about hoverboards on planes. Airlines like JetBlue Alaska, Delta, and Frontier banned all forms of self-balancing scooters, while United opted to remove the batteries of hoverboards. Owners of the vehicle must also remove their batteries at once.

Meanwhile, Virgin America and American airlines allow their passengers to bring their hoverboards as long as it will stay with the check-in luggage. Southwest Airlines, on the other hand, would allow the passengers to carry one if it is less than 160 watts.

Hoverboards can be a fun mode of transportation. But you need to make sure that you follow these precautionary steps to avoid any untoward incidents. Practice using the hoverboard properly so you will not need to worry about possible falls and drops along the way.



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