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Top 5 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair and Hardwood Floors


Cleaning is a fundamental aspect of a liveable home. Therefore, to achieve this, you might be interested in using vacuum cleaners for general cleaning. However, there will be limited options to this if you are specifically looking for the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

Pet-oriented vacuum cleaners have standard features such as larger dustbins and greater suction power. Most of them are also specially designed to cater for allergies that might arise due to pet hair. Alongside having additional brushes which sweep debris and pet hair, they are also equipped with HEPA filters to trap microscopic dirt and dust particles.

If your goal is inclined to picking up pet hair on your floors, then I will highlight five best robot vacuum cleaners that you can go for. It is not that they are cheap, but the extra cost attached to them is worth their cleaning capabilities.


1.Ecovacs Deebot 901 Robotic vacuum cleaner

It is a hand free and affordable robot vacuum cleaner which is suited for hard floors and pet hair.


-Smart navigation mapping

In case you have a lot of furniture at home such as chairs, tables, cabinets and sofas they will not prevent the robot cleaner since they have smart navigation mapping. It operates using lasers. The robot will create a map of the flow as cleans using this unique mapping feature.


It takes care of your floor and itself. This robot vacuum cleaner has a WIFI connection which updates current software to keep it working to the optimum.

-Has various cleaning modes

It doesn’t use a single method when cleaning your floor. Various situations might require different levels of suction for carpets and hard floors. It allows it to clean edges nicely so that dirt can accumulate in these areas.

-Has Alexa

It is a voice-enabled technology that is designed to work in coordination with commands from Alexa. It makes it easier for your device when cleaning your floors.

-Automatic height adjustment

It can navigate through different types of flooring such as carpets and hard floors. Its wheels and brushes automatically sense when it should adjust to different flooring surfaces.


2.The Roomba 690

It is one of the best selling Roomba of all time. It is affordable and reliable. It might not have all the features of new cleaners, but it delivers a perfect job.


It uses a multi-stage cleaning system. It works by first agitating the floor then inducing suction. You can press the cleaning button manually, or you can choose to schedule an automatic cleaning. It is possible due to its WIFI connectivity feature.

Furthermore, it has iAdapt navigation system which uses the visual camera to navigate in the room. It prevents it from tumbling on the stairs. It also works surprisingly well to clean vinyl floor or laminate floor without damaging their finish.


3.RoboVac 30 C

RoboVac 30 has a suction of 1500 pascals which pulls in pet hair and dirt debris effectively that are stuck on your carpet and floors. It can maneuver through different types of furniture because of its height thus cleaning underneath unreachable places.

You can create a temporary boundary using magnetic strips. All you need to do is to place the pieces around litter boxes and kennels to avoid disturbance of your furry friends. Additionally, It supports WIFI connection hence easy to control.

It has several cleaning modes:

  • Auto mode-cleans all rooms
  • Quick model
  • Spot clean model
  • Edge model


4. IRobot Roomba 980

It is the best Roomba that can handle pet hair effectively. We shall look at the features that qualify it to be the best in cleaning pet hair.


-Good suction

It has good suction power which enables it to pick a more significant amount of pet hair and other debris and dirt. However, recent models have more powerful suction.

-Brush system

Most Roomba has double counter-rotating extractors. These rubber brushes are useful in both carpets and hardwood floors. They don’t tangle easily; hence they don’t get clogged up with pet hair so you will require less maintenance.

-Filters and dirt collection

It has an aero -force which can capture up to 99% of allergens and pollen which is excellent in removing pet hair. It improves air quality especially if you are allergic. The filter work collectively with dirt collection, brushes and suction to give a thorough cleaning.

-Floor type capability

The type of floor can affect how well it can be cleaned from pet hair. If you have a hardwood floor, the aspect of suction is an important consideration. Roomba 980 has a carpet boost option which improves suction on carpets.

-Cleaning under furniture

The problem of having a pet is that its hair can get underneath the furniture where it is difficult to clean. This Roomba robot has 3.6 inches which allow it to maneuver around your furniture which helps efficient pet hair cleaning.


Roomba vacuum cleaners are useful for cleaning. Their mapping techniques will enable you to know where the vacuum has cleaned if it is charging if it needs emptying or it is stuck somewhere.

You can also set up virtual walls. It is useful when you are not there, or you don’t want your pets to be disturbed. You can set up a wall to create an electronic barrier, and the vacuum cleaner will continue cleaning the specified area.


5. Roborock S5

Roborock S5 Max is a new flagship from Xiaomi. This model was released recently but has already taken its rightful place in the range of Roborock vacuums due to the affordable price and excellent functionality. S5 is suitable for work on any floor, copes even with tenacious hair, and carries out dry and wet cleaning.


-Updated laser navigation

LDS navigation allows the robot to scan the room and build a real-time map. Later, the map is saved, divided into zones, and used for subsequent cleaning. You can also draw restrictive lines on the map.


The central V-shaped brush has both several rows of bristles and smooth blades. Such a design provides excellent contact with floor and debris collection. And the brush does not wind the hair and can be easily cleaned.

-Great suction

Roborock S5 will cope even with a deep pile carpet, as it has 2000 Pa suction power. The robot can alter the power depending on the cleaning mode.

-Multiple modes

Depending on the type of flooring, the degree of contamination, and other conditions, you can choose between the following modes: quiet, balanced, turbo, max, zoned cleanup, and Carpet Boost. There are also three mopping modes for thorough wet cleaning.

-Management through the app and voice

A brand mobile application opens up the scope of management. You can see the map of the house, set virtual walls, select modes, monitor work, turn the robot on and off, etc. Also, the user can control the device with voice through Alexa and Google assistants.



Pet hair should not be a challenge anymore. I have highlighted affordable vacuum cleaners that you can use in your home. What is important is first to understand your need and go for the devices which have the relevant features as per your requirements. Try these cleaners today, and you will never feel agitated by pets hair again.



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