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Yahoo’s New Alarm App Wakes You Up With Audio News Briefings


Yahoo has launched a new alarm application that will wake you up with spoken morning news and the weather forecast. The app is still in early access stage so it might not be stable. You can opt-in for an early beta.

News and weather


It is very convenient to wake up and immediately know what is happening in the world because when you sleep, the whole world does not stop. Google Assistant has the “My Day” feature. You can ask Google: “Tell me about my day”, and Google tells you time, the weather forecast, the traffic situation on the route to work, and finally the news. You can decide for yourself which news services you want to hear in the morning.

Yet Google is not the only one that wants to wake you up with news and weather. Yahoo has launched an alarm-app called WakingNews Alarm Clock. You can use the app to set which news media you want to hear audio news broadcasts, and you will be woken up depending on your preset timetable.


You wake up with a cheerful and uplifting music followed by the weather forecast and the morning news coming from a news editor of your choice. Unlike Google, with the Yahoo alarm clock, you can only choose from a limited range of United States editors: Engadget, HuffPost and Yahoo News/Finance/Sports/Entertainment. A news briefing usually takes about 5 minutes, and if you do not switch off the alarm via the red X-sign, you will hear the news recording each time. There is also a snooze button.


The app is still in early access mode which means its not a finished product and is under development. You can download the app from the widget below, however, if you are being notified that the app is not supported by your device you can always try it out by downloading them via  APK Mirror.

WakingNews Alarm Clock



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