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A complete guide to PSN gift cards


When speaking about gift cards, most people consider these vouchers in the context of a present for a birthday or any other special occasion, but for an avid gamer, a gift card can mean more than just a mere gift. PSN gift cards can be bought at cheaper prices in a form of a digital code in established retail stores like Eneba, meaning that the buyer receives far more value than what they paid for. Generally, PlayStation gift cards have multiple uses on the PS Store, so if you’re motivated to save funds and learn more on how gift cards can be applied to sufficient gaming and multimedia experience, then read on.

What is a PSN gift card?

PSN gift cards are digital vouchers bearing a code that is redeemed on the respective platform, in this case, the PlayStation store, via an active account, and the money in the card is transferred to the wallet of your PS account instantaneously. In more simple words, PlayStation Network gift cards top up your PlayStation wallet. Since PSN gift cards don’t have an expiration date, they make for a perfect gift or a little treat for yourself.

PlayStation Network gift cards can be bought at cheaper prices in the form of product codes, a practical alternative to saving your funds and that’s an extremely cost-effective way to handle your gaming expenses. Sold in a form of digital product codes, PSN gift cards don’t have a fixed price as they are directly affected by the ongoing competition in the market, and therefore, they can be acquired at lower costs than their monetary value. However, topping up your PlayStation wallet isn’t all, there is more to PSN gift cards than meets the eye.

The many benefits of PSN gift cards

What is the appeal of PSN gift cards that creates such a demand for them in the market? First and foremost, the convenient shopping method these vouchers offer. Topping up your PS wallet with PSN gift cards doesn’t require you to fill in your credit card data into the PlayStation Store system, you merely have to activate the code with a few clicks.  PlayStation gamers would spend the funds acquired from PSN cards on video games, game bundles, DLC, cosmetic items, and in-game currencies. A wide selection of products not related to gaming is featured on the PlayStation Store as well:

  • Films
  • TV shows
  • Music
  • Add-ons
  • PS Now
  • PS Plus subscription

The latter option is especially worth considering as it’s one of those benefits that keeps on giving.

For instance, if you decide to use a PSN card to purchase a PlayStation Plus subscription on the PS Store, it’s an extremely economical way to handle your gaming expenses. The paid PS Plus subscription is an advantageous service system that provides exclusive features to its members, and PS Now subscription doesn’t fall behind PlayStation Plus in its value as a subscription, so spending funds obtained from the PSN card on PS Plus or PS Now is a solid investment in a greater gaming experience and proves to be a practical choice overall.

However, the options are not limited to merely PS Plus or PS Now subscriptions. PlayStation consoles offer a full-fledged multimedia experience, so funds from PSN cards can be spent on the top-grossing films, TV shows, music, and of course, video games and their DLCs. That being said, the assortment of options is rather impressive, only furthermore adding value to the PSN gift cards, making these vouchers rather versatile investments or gifts.

PSN cards make for splendid gifts

Seeing the versatility and the value of PSN gift cards, they make for an excellent gift if you want to surprise your friend, family member, or a colleague even. If the person you wish to astound owns a PlayStation console, it is more than likely that they find the use of the card valuable and be satisfied with their present. That being said, by providing them with the freedom to spend the PSN gift card on any multimedia service available on the PlayStation platform, you are bound not to miss the shot.

Because PSN vouchers don’t have an expiration date, it adds to the benefit of choosing a PlayStation Network gift card for a present to someone, since you can buy it at a discount earlier and not worry that the code will no longer be available by the time you gift it to the person. Besides, you can decide what sum the gift card may contain based on your budget, since you can buy PSN gift cards that contain the sum of £5, £10, £15, £20, £25, £30, £40, £45, £50, £70 and a couple more options. The flexibility of PSN gift cards in terms of options is unprecedented and all the more reason to consider these vouchers as a gift for your PlayStation-devoted friend.

PSN cards – the key to an extensive gaming library

We have considered the benefits of PSN gift cards and the many potential uses of them, but let’s speak gaming precisely. With a PSN gift card, you can invest directly into a PS Plus or PS Now subscription for premium features, but if you don’t feel the need for an active subscription or such a package of benefits, then you can simply use PlayStation gift cards as an alternative shopping method on the PS Store to acquire video games, game bundles, skins, packs, special editions, and of course, DLCs. If you receive a PSN card as a gift or buy one yourself, you can spend it on any gaming-related item you want from the PS Store that does not exceed the sum of the card. The variety of options can be dazzling.

Many tend to purchase PSN gift cards instead of buying directly from the PlayStation Store since the aforementioned PSN cards sold in a form of product codes are quite a cheaper alternative.  Since PlayStation Network gift cards already cost less as digital key codes, as discussed above, and provide a shopping method that gives far more for far less – it’s one brilliant way to explore the possibilities of your favorite gaming platform.



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