Best Tips & Tricks for Playing Tetris

Tetris like any other puzzle game keeps you guessing about your next move and that’s what makes it so challenging. While there are no cheat codes available for playing and winning at Tetris, there are few tips and tricks that can help you be better at it. Whether you play Tetris game online like on BeTetris or on a dedicated Tetris console gadget, the tips applies for both.

 Tips & Tricks 

  1. Keep The Blocks Flat (Horizontal)

The first and foremost strategy to apply in your game is to arrange the fallings blocks flat or horizontal to the ground. By doing so you will have the flattest top row and it will give you more chances of placing the upcoming blocks down. 

  1. Keep Stack Height Less Than Two Blocks

While arranging the blocks you should keep this rule in mind that you should not stack more than two blocks one over the other. Because there aren’t any shapes other than the I shape which can fill the vertical gap of three and more blocks at once. Hence, when the stack height reaches above two blocks it becomes more difficult to clear lines and score more points.

  1. Rotate The Falling Blocks

It is one of the best tips one can give you to score high in Tetris. By the time the block falls from the top and touches the bottom field or any other already placed block, you can rotate it so that you can get a shape that can fit in a given space.

For example, you can rotate the I shape to get a horizontal piece that can cover four horizontal blocks at once. You can do the same with the other blocks to change their geometrical shape and fit them in places where they would not fit otherwise. 

  1. Make use of ghost shapes

When the block falls from the top, their ghost shape starts appearing at the bottom. You can make use of these shapes to predict whether the falling block will fit in the given space or not. When you rotate the original block,

the ghost block also changes its shape, thus, making it easier for you to fit a block in a congested space. 

  1. Think Fast And Pre Plan Your Moves.

As in modern battle royale games the safe zone shrinks with the time, making the game even tougher to play. Similarly in Tetris the speed of the falling block increases with every passing level, leaving no time for you to think and plan where you should place the block. Hence you need to think faster and pre-plan your moves to stay in the game. 

  1. Be Creative and clear more lines at once

Apart from thinking fast, you need to be a little creative with your decisions so that you can clear as much as space with one single move. With clearing multiple lines at once you do not just free a lot of space but also score more points. 

  1. Try To Make The Stack Of Blocks In the Center

This is important because it becomes very tough to keep the height of the stacks less than two blocks. However, by keeping the stack in the middle, you give yourself more chance of clearing lines and flatting the top row. 

  1. Practice, Practice, and More Practice

The last but not the least tip to conquer this game like anything else in life is to practice a lot. When you keep practicing, you learn more ways and get new ideas to arrange the blocks and score more points in the game. 


So these were some tips and tricks that can help you with playing Tetris. However, we can not guarantee that applying these tips will make a pro in this game overnight, and nobody can. But one thing is for sure if you apply these tips in your game with a lot of practice, you will definitely be a better player than before.

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