Call of Duty Warzone Tips That Will Lead to Your Victory

Call of Duty Warzone Tips

Call of Duty Warzone feels different from Apex Legends and other competitors. It is one of the most played battle royale games. It has an encroaching poisonous gas cloud that continues to gobble up its landscape and a hefty player count, but several additions that make it stand out against its competitors.

The game is still new, and many top battle royale gamers are talking about it. Even if you have been playing other battle royale games, this one will turn out to be your best. It has new additions such as mid-game contracts, the Gulag, and many more that you won’t find in other games. I’m here to help you get started on this hot battle royale video game that many are talking about. I will share with you some tips and tactics that will help you convert your crushing defeats into hard-fought wins. Here are some tips and tactics that you can use to be the last one standing in the king’s battlefield.

1. Play with a Pro

You can play Call of Duty Warzone solo or with your friends. Playing with your friends makes the game more interesting and fun. Playing the game with your friends or a person you know who is willing to help you out when you are in a problem in the game can make a difference. If none of your friends or a person you know is playing this game, you don’t have to worry. There are some ways that you can use to play with friendly and non-toxic teammates. The best thing that you can do is hire a CoD Warzone coach.


As we all know the best way to learn how to play a game is to play it, playing the game with a pro, who is willing to help you, can make a difference. Legionfarm has CoD experts that are friendly and highly skilled who are willing to help you become a CoD Warzone pro player. CoD Warzone coaching will help you improve your in-game skills and up your win-rate. The ping system has made it easier for CoD Warzone coaching.

2. Leave No Supply Box Unopened

You will find supply boxes throughout the Warzone map. Inside these boxes can be cash, self-revive kits, high-tier weapons, and armor plates. An unopened supply box will have a color showing the rarity of its content.

It is worth looting any supply box you find on the map, but pay much attention to those glowing gold and purple. Weapons on the map will also glow with the same rarity color. When opening your supply caches, you should also look for the Red Access Cards that give you access to any of the mysterious bunkers on the map. These keys will help you open all the bunkers on the map except 11 that will require you to solve a puzzle. Once you have these keys on your hands, make sure to check for your enemies hanging around the entrances. They are waiting to take the rare loot you will find from your hands.

3. Ping

If you have played Apex Legends or Fortnite, you may have spent time pinging, and you know of how much help that can be for your teammates. Pinging loots and enemies will help your teammates locate them. Remember to ping all enemy squads even if you are using the voice chat. It will give your team enough time to prepare.

4. Complete Contracts

Warzone has three types of contracts: scavenger, Recon, and Bounties. Scavenger contracts are marked on the map with a magnifying glass icon, Recon contracts with a flag icon, and Bounties contract with a target icon. A scavenger contract requires the player to open three specific supply boxes to get a rare loot. The Recon contract requires you to secure a location by attacking his or her enemies while alerting them of your whereabouts. The more contracts you complete, the more loot and cash you receive in return.

5. Share Extra Cash and Items

Sharing is caring. Warzone encourages teamwork in many ways. You can share your extra money with your squad members to help them unlock items, killstreaks, and upgrades. The worst that you can do is failing to share your cash with your squad. If you get killed in the game, and you are unable to get back into the battlefield from the Gulab, your teammates can use the money you shared with them to buy your redeployment into the game.

You can also divide your physical items between your teammates. For the case of armors, you can only wear three and carry five. If your teammate doesn’t have enough, you can share it with them. Sharing what you have with your teammates can help your squad be the last one standing in the king’s battlefield.

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