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Can you Earn Skins in CSGO?

Owing an inventory of csgo skins is one of the perks that make counter strike global offensive interesting. The skins are actually cosmetic, virtual enhancements for your firearms and knives. CSGO skins were introduced in August 2013 when an upgrade of arm’s deal was released in the game. This update came with over 100 skins split into different collections. 

These over 100 different skins range from skins that offer a player tactical advantage or just cosmetic value. These skins come in various quality grades which determine the value of the skins. The range goes from the highest rarity to the lowest rarity. The skins also have a factor that differentiates them and that is the skin’s exterior quality. this is used to determine the brilliance of the weapon. Next factor is, the skin which has the least wear and tear to the skin which has the most wear and tear. 

On counter strike global offensive, you have the potential of earning skins. These skins are a reward for playing global offensive. You can earn these skins from either the community servers or the official servers from loot drops that occur on regular basis. There are also weapon cases which you can earn from the loot drops but the cases are rewards from completion of certain missions. Then there is the option of buying the skins from the steam market or you can trade your skin inventory for the ones you would want. 

Earning these skins from playing the game is the easiest way to get them. Not just the easiest way but also the potential to sell skins for cash. Yes, the skins you earn can be traded for real money. For you to earn these skins there are some requirements which you must meet. These requirements are pretty straight forward like playing on community servers, you have to play games with other players and not just computer bots etc. Meeting this requirement ensures you get skins for free and also weapons cases which you have to unlock by buying a key. 

Another way by which you can earn skins on csgo is by completing certain tasks. These tasks are offered through avenues called offer walls. A list of various quests are given which you have to complete successfully. The tasks may be simple and quick to conquer while some might take a bit more time. some of such tasks are, for example, playing a certain game for a certain period of time or reaching a certain high score. If you can successfully complete this tasks, you earn csgo skins. There are other offers on such offer walls which might require you to take part in some form of competition to before you can earn the skin. 

Counter Strike Global Offensive skins can also be earned from giveaways. There are various lotteries which are set up by CSGO YouTubers, CSGO streamers, websites and even CSGO players. What you need to do is, enter into any of these lotteries after ensuring you meet all the requirements and you stand a chance of winning. The lotteries like any other, work with a ticket mechanism. What this means is, one ticket equals one chance of winning the prize. So, to increase your chances of winning the skins, get yourself more tickets. 

One important point to note is, skins have value. It therefore makes it almost impossible to earn skins for free but there are various ways by which this can be done. One way by which you could start is by using free affiliate codes on CSGO betting sites. There are various affiliate codes which you can use on different websites. It might not be possible to use one affiliate code more than once on a website but using different codes on different websites would work for you. 

The best way overall of earning skins on CSGO is to play the game. For every week of game play, you have the opportunity to get up to 2-4 drops in a game. You are sure of earning one drop from levelling and one drop for random. These drops might not be worth much on the steam market, but they do go a way towards helping you build your steam inventory. New case drops? Well, this doesn’t happen often but when they do, expect a skyrocketing of prices. So, imagine playing CSGO and a new case drops, you can see yourself earning a new skins which is valuable plus you can trade for other skins on the steam market. 

Another way to earn skins which might not be popular amongst players is to ask from other players who are most likely your friends. This is not a popular method to earn skins but if it works for you, go right ahead. You can start of by asking for really cheap skins, grow your steam inventory and trade up for more valuable skins. Like I said, not a popular route for most people. 

Buying skins is another way to get them. There is a whole community of CSGO players who have skins for sale. There are various websites which also cater to the trade of skins. You can patronise any one of them to buy the skins you want. This way you are sure to get the exact skin you want without having to wait for random drops. 

Earning skins on csgo has different ways and one way is bound to work for you. No matter which route you take, either drops in the game, playing the game, building your inventory through the help of friends, completion of tasks on order walls or buying the skins, you are well on your way to building a solid steam inventory for yourself. Remember, some of these skins are valuable and can be traded for real cash on the steam market. So, if you have any skin which you know commands a high price in the steam market, go ahead and sell it off.