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Gameplay, Fortifications, Destruction, Everything You Need to Know


The first gameplay videos of Battlefield 5 have appeared on YouTube, which shows us different elements of the multiplayer shooter.

Although Battlefield 5 had a prominent place at the Electronic Arts E3 conference, we couldn’t see much other than a multiplayer trailer and the surprising Battle Royale revelation. But don’t worry we know have more info thanks to the hard-working Youtubers. 

Several Youtube stars had the opportunity to play the new World War II shooter in advance who have now released their own gameplay footages of the game. The videos have been sponsored by EA as the Youtubers acknowledge in their videos. This is a smart marketing strategy. They want the users to hear about the new features of the Battlefield from their trusted Youtubers than some EA marketing person.

Battlefield 5: Fortifications & Destruction

A YouTuber Westie who is also considered one of the best-known Battlefield players explains about the new Fortifications feature. In Battlefield 5, it is possible to fortification at different points on the battlefield. However, the construction mode is only possible in certain places on the map.

The destruction of buildings is at a whole new level in Battlefield 5 according to Youtuber. For example, a house crumbles even several minutes after a tank has rolled through the wall and bricks fall down. A rocket that enters through a window into a building destroys the wall at the back or the roof. A rocket that hits the outer wall destroys the outer wall. 

Battlefield 5: Grand Operations

On the Jackfrags channel,  we learn a bit more about Grand Operations mode, where 64 players (two teams, 32 players each) compete against each other over several days to achieve a final goal. The multiplayer mode frames the battles in an overarching story and is supposed to evoke the feeling of really having a goal in mind. Watch the video below to know about the Grand Operations Mode in detail.

Battlefield 5: Vehicles & Ammo

Another Youtuber YouTuber Flakfire gives us a sneak peek at the vehicle’s gameplay. One of the most important innovations is the fact that armed vehicles no longer have an infinite amount of ammunition. In between, players are forced to replenish their resources at specific points on the map.

Battlefield 5 will be released on October 19, 2018, for PS4, Xbox One and PC.